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Pakistan has its own e-commerce shopping event

Pakistan is expected to have the first experience of its online shopping program, which is tailored to the economic and trade system of the Pakistani people.


It started with a black mystery box that began appearing anonymously on social media and at the door of celebrities. The curiosity and mystery of the program was quickly share on all social media platforms with the hashtag #buyshy. Everyone was asking the question: # What is this name? (What’s in it?) Arzaan announced its Shopping Day event when the #buyshy black box news broke. Arzaan’s work began with Chinese Products and other eCommerce partners such as TCS. Arzaan’s #buyshy shopping day is designed as an annual corporate event and it is expected to take place a week before Ramadan when a large number of e-commerce companies decide to come together and offer the best experience of online shopping in Pakistan and very affordable pricing.


High Sales – Online Shopping in Pakistan:

The concept of the event is based on solid information about the stock market. In 2014, the concept of Black Friday in Pakistan was started by a German company Daraz. In 2015, Pakistan saw almost all e-commerce sites, retail stores. Food chains, restaurants, and brands participating in the Black Friday marketing program. Daraz announced a turnover of Rs 1 billion on Arzaan in 2016. And said it had received more than 50,000 orders. The event was an undeniable achievement overall.


Although many Pakistani merchants are interested in selling and discounting on their favorite brands, the Americanization of this program is not good and leaves people sad and confused. What will Black Friday look like on backlinks, fingerprints, suggested names and social media? Black Friday (Black Friday) or the sky cannot be black on Friday (Friday cannot be black in Islam) is a common expression around the ceremony. While Pakistanis have invested heavily in marketing to get the best deals, the idea has gained momentum. The incident did not change the community, but more importantly, it went against the religious views of many Muslims. Thus, Arzaan acknowledges that Pakistan does not have a major e-commerce program that is traditionally tailor to the business model of the Pakistani people.



Our neighbors China and India are the two largest e-commerce markets in the world. The success of big players like Alibaba and Flipkart depends largely on local programs and programs based on their culture. The Singles Day and Big Billion Day Sale around Diwali represents the shopping season for two individual players. Pakistan itself is a country of buyers – in which case no one can stop e-commerce company Pakistan from organizing its own event.


Ramadan and Eid – The Best Shopping Season

Ramadan is a month of economic activity for Pakistan. An investigation by one of the country’s largest trading companies estimates that Ramadan’s trading hours will fall to Rs 1 trillion. However, as Ramadan sees an increase in offline economic activity, online marketing has little to do with weapons and other barriers. For online marketing channels, the data tells us that e-commerce is seeing a steady trend. Traditionally, people like to meet and shop after the evening prayers and the noise in the online bazaar continues till sunrise. The more time, the more people spent time engaging in content, which can be found here. While Internet activity is growing in terms of content consumption and engagement, online shopping has been on the rise ever since. Here’s a brief look at how retail and online traffic turned out this month.


Ramadan Sales & Discounts:

As the market grows and the number of offline marketing channels increases. There is a lack of focus on the implementation of “other” online marketing channels. Increasing pressure on other media and reduced working hours ultimately lead. To cancellations and delivery delays, affecting the overall user experience. Importers are also unable to enforce the rules for the network. Due to pressure and purchase of other products on offline channels, causing difficulties to consumers.


Creating an Environment:

Considering how to manage online shopping in Pakistan, Arzaan saw a great opportunity for all e-commerce companies to come together. Rahat Ali, CEO of Arzaan, said: “The purpose of Shopping Day is to help bring together e-commerce companies for a shopping festival that we can share and organize forever once it starts one week before Ramadan. . ” “Such a business. The program aims to promote both online shopping and digital inclusion. E-commerce is still a growing industry in Pakistan. However, due to low internet access in Pakistan, we will have to wait a long time.”

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