Pharmacology and Pharmacy- Decoding the Difference

Do you often confuse the two terms pharmacology and pharmacy? Are you wondering what serves as a better profession? If you answer ‘yes’ for these questions then you have landed in the right place. In this article, we are going to discuss a few fundamentals around these two terminologies to help you understand them better. If you are confused about the subject that is preferable for your higher studies then you will get some valuable input, right here. Get the latest updates from top universities for admission in M Pharm in Pharmacology!

Understanding the Terms

Both the disciplines, Pharmacology and Pharmacy, are the parts of health sciences. The study of pharmacology includes drugs and their impact on the human body. It means a pharmacologist understands which drug and the quantity of its composition will produce what kind of impact on a living organism. Thus, we can derive the implication for a pharmacist. A pharmacist uses the knowledge of pharmacology for the purpose of drug dispensation. The area of pharmacology is more research-orientated. However, when it comes to the job of a pharmacist, also includes the factor of caregiving. The pharmacist has to show care and understanding while selling or distributing the medicines. Are you willing to pursue Pharmacology M Pharm? Check out the top private universities offering valuable courses on health sciences with the option of Pharmacology.

Pharmacy as a branch of Pharmacology

Many people often confuse the two terms and perceive pharmacology as one of the branches of Pharmacy. However, this is not the case. As a matter of fact, pharmacy is a branch of pharmacology. The person working as a pharmacist has to utilize the knowledge of pharmacology to give out the medicines to the patients. Let us understand with an example. You may often see a pharmacist replacing the medication of a patient with a different one. When one drug is not available, the pharmacist will suggest a different one.

The reason is her or his understanding of pharmacology. The person knows which medication in what composition has to be given to the patient under what condition. The pharmacy expert will always be aware of multiple medications of different labels with similar compositions. Thus, it becomes easier for the pharmacist to offer you a different medication than the one mentioned in your prescription. Also, she or he can suggest you a different dose if the new medication has a higher composition of the same ingredients prescribed by your physician. Pursue M Pharm in Pharmacology from the best universities in India!

Job Options

The job opportunities share some similarities for the pharmacologist and pharmacist. However, the candidates in Pharmacology are often seen engaged in the jobs associated with research and analysis. Biomedical Scientist, Academic Researcher, Clinical Research Associate, and Clinical Testing Monitors are some of the jobs that a person can take after pursuing Pharmacology. However, Senior Chemist, Drug Technician, Drug Coordinator, Hospital Pharmacist, and Drug Inspector are some of the known jobs that are taken by a person who has pursued a course in pharmacy.

Colleges that are offering the Courses

In the contemporary scenario of increasing demand for healthcare facilities, there is no dearth of institutions that are offering courses in pharmacy and pharmacology. There are private and government educational institutions that are providing a comprehensive education for both disciplines. To make it easier for the students to enroll, the colleges also provide scholarship programs for giving relaxation the expenditure. Nowadays, many renown universities offer campus placement opportunities for students to get hire by industry giants. Check out the eminent Pharmacology M Pharm institutions near your area.


Pharmacy and Pharmacology may seem overlapping, but they are two different branches of health sciences. Both disciplines have separate career prospects and educational values attached to them.

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