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Hundreds of pilot apps are beneficial for pilots, from flight training and updates of meteorological conditions to calculators and games. Many of these apps are free and easy-to-use applications for pilots, providing aid for flight planning and navigation and including many social sharing features. Creating a list of the best pilot apps for iPhone may seem a crazy idea, but anyhow we are going to try—after all, a brand new iPhone pilot needs to start somewhere. The list below represents the most often used iPhone pilot apps and is worth recognizing.


This pilot app has contributed undoubtedly more than any other app to define the iPhone era in aviation. This app is simple and is rapidly expanding its usage. It has a friendly GUI (Graphic User Interphase) and is easy to use. ErgoBlue utilizes a comprehensive airport database and a live-streaming maritime database.

ErgoBlue delivers an instant visual picture of the finest available options. This pilot app also transfers a continuous mayday call of 2.5-minute loop miles over the oceanic distress frequency. Launching of ErgoBlue is a big step forward in aviation safety. This pilot app has significantly enhanced over-water flight safety. ErgoBlue also estimates predicted position even when there is no connectivity available to pilots while airborne.

This app is fun and has many helpful tools for pilots of all stages to examine and debrief their flights. In addition to playing back your flight over a satellite map or an aviation chart, ErgoBlue will score the flight and its various segments to give you an objective analysis of your performance. The latest update added gadget approach debrief support to analyze and help improve your ILS (Instrument Landing System).

This app has a rating of 5 out of 5.

ForeFlight Mobile

This pilot app has developed into a cross-platform planning tool. It is used by everyone from student pilots to corporate flight departments. This app is known for its preflight and in-flight feature, which includes:

  •  dynamic maps,
  •  approach charts,
  •  landscape awareness,
  •  weather graphics,
  •  weight and balance,
  •  flight plans, and a lot more.

It has interchanged old paper charts and portable GPSs (Global Positioning Systems) for pilots. It also delivers accurate and current information about airports, FBOs (Fixed-based Operators), and other data services for the aviation industry. In addition, the foresight pilot app assists pilots with performance planning, maintenance, and additional operational guidance when flying airplanes.

This app has a rating of 4.4 out of 5.

Garmin Pilot

Garmin Pilot is the most broad-based collection of tools for iPhone. It is precisely for general aviation and corporate pilots. It includes flight planning, charts, geographical maps, weather updates, and navigation capabilities. The app’s intuitive interface mirrors that you may go seamlessly from preflight to inflight.

Pilots, through this app, can visualize the weather for the route. This app also has a feature to add text-based weather widgets. In addition, it uses the exclusive navigational feature to view weather along the planned way.

Its users can enter a flight plan and proactively manage it on the map. Auto-loaded forms make it quick to accept and deny data for frequently flown routes. Also When the flight plan is ready, Garmin Pilot App makes it simple to file, amend or close the flight plans.

This app has a rating of 4.7 out of 5.

Sporty’s Pilot Training

Flight training is blistering right now. Luckily, modern technology makes learning much more helpful at home than in an institute. This all-in-one training pilot app includes 26 aviation videos and tests preparatory courses. The courses include:

  • Private Pilot,
  • Instrument Rating,
  •  Flight Review, and
  •  Other aircraft and avionics transition courses.

Sporty’s inventive pilot app passes various aviation training courses, permitting you to access all of Sporty’s aviation content from your iPhone.

It has been seen that everyone from airline pilots to glider pilots use this app. It is helpful for flight training or instrument flights.

This app has a rating of 4.9 out of 5.

AeroWeather Pro

This pilot app offers swift access to METAR (Meteorological Aerodrome Report) and TAF (Terminal Area Forecast) for airports worldwide. This app shows the data in its raw format or as fully decoded. In addition, zero weather Pro is helpful for weather preflight guidelines.

In addition to weather data, AeroWeather Pro also assimilates airport NOTAMs (Notices to Airmen), webcam images nearby airports, FlightService access (in the USA), and USA ATC (Air Traffic Control) delay information.

AeroWeather Pro also offers integral groups for:

  •  earthquakes,
  •  nearby stations, and
  •  iPhone widget, which can be individually enabled on the top-level view.

Besides creating user groups, it is also possible to put stations on the same level as user groups. Depending on your needs, groups can be shown or hidden in the main list view.

This app has a rating of 3.6 out of 5.

Air Navigation Pro

Air Navigation Pro is a high-quality assistant pilot app with real-time GPS (Global Positioning System) navigation for VFR (Visual Flight Rules) pilots worldwide. The dynamic map displays:

  •  aeronautical charts as background,
  •  interactive landmarks,
  •  airspaces,
  •  and planned route.

Plan and edit with the Flight Planning function, directly from the dynamic map or by searching the waypoint’s database. The planned route will be demonstrated on the moving with further information such as the following point distance, track, heading, and many more.

The Profile View gives the necessary landscape information for better situational awareness and safety enhancement. In addition, the 3D view delivers greater terrain awareness.

This application gives pilots everything they need to know about their target airports before taking off, including NOTAMs, runway information, meteorological conditions, and more.

This app has a rating of 4.5 out of 5.


This useful pilot app provides the functionality of an altitude preselect and notifying system in the form of a suitable iPhone app. This app quickly gets a pilot’s attention when the plane inadvertently deviates from an ATC (Air Traffic Control) assigned altitude. AltituudeAlert is combined with a pilot planned stretchy informing system and VNAV (Vertical Navigation). VNAV is a system that gives you supreme control of altitude.

AltitudeAlert is one of the first apps to bring progressive altitude management to all pilots. This app is also equipped with a barometric sensor. AltitudeAlert uses GPS (Global Positioning System) Altitude-based warning incase if the device does not have a barometric sensor. It provides an automatic ground referencing alert before touchdown.

This app also provides an alert for supplemental oxygen use for both pilots and passengers. AltitudeAlert will help in determining if the airspace around the plane is harmless and legal for functioning a remotely piloted aircraft based on neighboring flight restrictions.

This app has a rating of 4.2 out of 5.


Traveling is one of the major perquisites of a pilot’s career. Being an airline pilot, means you have reasons and opportunities to travel and get paid to do it. For a Pilot, everyday work is like taking off in one country to landing in another. These applications provide necessary utensils for a pilot to conduct his flight operations with more enthusiasm. With the use of this kind of application, a pilot may get a hugely rewarding career.

In this era, pilots are more relying on these apps than before. They do all the flying stuff with the help of pilot apps. Whether it is about changing flight trajectory or its path, charting the route of the flight, viewing the moving maps, finishing safety specifications,s or getting any help with navigation, all is done through these pilot apps.

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