Possible Amazon guidelines violations for which a member can be suspended

Amazon guidelines violations for which a member can be suspended

Becoming a member of the Amazon community is a matter of pride and as a seller account of the website your brand or products will be visible to all corners of the globe. As a seller member Amazon offers several privileges that no other website can give. Amazon’s name sells and with it your products. Amazon has great brand promotional windows where your products will be displayed for sale. The company will also promote your products by recommending them to its loyal customer base. You are privileged and will be provided with a customer base consisting of millions(Amazon guidelines violations).

Things may go wrong despite these privileges because of your careless attitude towards the site and its guidelines. Amazon account suspension recovery could be difficult for you if you do not know how to, but consulting Amazon experts will resolve your problem. Before going to that you should understand the following things and retract back to recall what guidelines you had Amazon guidelines violations because it will help in the rescue of the suspended account. 

Your Amazon seller account can be suspended on several counts and here are some of them:

  • Complaints by clients for inauthentic item

If some of your clients claim that you have sold inauthentic Amazon may suspend your account. This may happen even if you have sold authentic products. Only after due verification your suspension could be revoked.

  • Violation of Intellectual property rights

If you are selling someone’ products to which you have no intellectual property rights your account could be suspended. 

  • Copyright or trademark misuse

Your account could be suspended if you did not meet the obligations related to trademark or copyright. Amazon could suspend your account due to this.

  • Late delivery of goods

Delivery of order late by a day or days can be a reason for your suspension. Amazon policies always emphasize timely delivery. If for some reason you shipped products late than promised your account can be suspended.

  • Cancellation of orders

If you have tried to sell products which are not in your stock it is obvious that the order will be cancelled by you. You could be punished for this by Amazon and handed over a suspension.

  • Bad review of products in media

If you are getting bad reviews from consumers and the feedback from public is not flattering Amazon will suspend your account. Amazon image and its policies are more precious than your seller account and products, hence the website won’t think twice before suspending you. 

  • Product does not match as it was described 

 If you have done the mistake of sending some other product in place of the one that you described to the client, it will be considered as guidelines violation. Sending wrong items will land you in thick soup.

  • Selling used product as New

You have sold an item which is old but you described it as new. This is a big offence and Amazon can even ban you altogether from the site.

  • Selling banned items

If a globally banned item was sold by you through Amazon you will face suspension from the website.

  • Misuse of ASIN 

Creating many ASINS for the same product and selling them on Amazon guidelines violation. You will be punished for ASINS misuse.

 If you have been suspended for anyone of the above or other violations that we have not described here you should quickly sketch an Amazon appeal plan of action in connivance with Amazon experts such as Smart Seller Help, LLC and get your suspension revoked at once. You can contact them on their website by registering your request on the contact page. The experts will respond to your request immediately and plot a suspension revocation plan. 

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