Progressing In English: What Really Works In 2022

Do you speak English?

A recent study shows that French executives are not very comfortable with the language of Shakespeare. Travels, grammatical methods, Online IELTS Coaching In Chandigarh Mohali intensive viewing of series in original version: overview of the most effective methods to progress quickly.

Atlantico: According to a survey by Cadre emploi and the training organization 1to1 English, 48.4% of executives admit having difficulty speaking English, and 42.8% do not feel comfortable writing it. What methods are available to executives that really work?

Of course, travelling abroad or meeting English speakers is an ideal way to acquire language skills. It should be note, moreover, that the notion of Anglophone is taken here in its broadest sense since it concerns the British or Americans as well as Asians or people from Northern Europe.

The English vocabulary

The English vocabulary is not necessarily the biggest difficulty. French was spoken at the court of the kings of England for four centuries – and the traces are numerous in the language of today. Use as much as possible the identification of families of words, which resemble French.

We must recognize a major difficulty: pronunciation. The sounds of English are not the same as those of French and this complicates the task of French Learners who find it difficult to understand orally what seems obvious to them in writing. A badly pronounce word also risks not being recognize by an English speaker. We can’t recommend enough that you work on your pronunciation – because in doing so you learn to recognize sounds. No way to despair… Online IELTS Coaching In Chandigarh Mohali the English often find a lot of charm in the French accent…

Do managers have a specific use of English? What are the most effective methods for executives?

The first necessity for anyone who wants to get back to English is to practice what English speakers call small talk , that is to say a light and daily conversation, a conversation of making contact which is essential when we meet a client or when we receive a guest in the company. Then, depending on each person’s needs, it may be useful to delve into the specialist language. Generally this is not the most difficult as the words are mostly transparent – Online IELTS Coaching In Chandigarh Mohali and the French have often adopt the English words.

And a paper or digital dictionary is always an indispensable resource. Brochures or the specialize press are also sources not to be overlook to familiarize yourself with the vocabulary of your specialty.

The French say they are not comfortable but does this feeling reflect the reality of their level? Are they as bad as they think?

This is unfortunately somewhat true. International tests show it. Why ?

  • First, French has long been a widely respect and use language, and French people often expect everyone to speak their language.
  • Similarly, the British have poor results in foreign languages… since, anyway, they know that everyone speaks English.
  • Then, exposure to English is different.
  • If you go to the Netherlands, you will meet a lot of people who speak very decent English.
  • The difference is not so much in the teaching methods (even less in a “genetic” deficiency of the French!) as in the fact that they know that their language will not be understood abroad and that very early on they are confront regularly to English, on television or in their daily lives.

How to relax?

Above all, don’t hesitate to “gibble”; Online IELTS Coaching In Chandigarh Mohali that’s how we learn best. By making mistakes that your interlocutor will help you correct, you will progress. Don’t forget that your primary objective is to understand and be understood! Forgetting an – in the third person will not prevent you from getting your message across to English speakers.

Who don’t hesitate to make language mistakes without this necessarily impairing communication! Don’t try to be perfect – strangers will appreciate you trying to connect with them. You have to dare !

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