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Providore “Saviya” and Rotary Club of Colombo launch two new initiatives for underprivileged communities.

Curfew/lockdown last year was difficult for many of us. Although many vendors started to sell their goods online. There were inherent issues with technology, infrastructure, quality of products, regular supply and most importantly, safetly.

It was also a challenging time for small restaurants and artisan businesses, badly affected by the closures, reduced traffic and zero tourists.

The Rotary Club of Colombo Metropolitan has teamed with Providore Cloud Supermarket Sri Lanka.

An online grocery store co-founded by Mahela Jayawardene and Sri Lankan cricket icon Kumar Sangakkara,

to promote two initiatives, Sith Sevana and Dehiwala Children.

In the Feeding Program Rotary Club handles the entire distribution of food and medicine.

Now in its second year of operation Providore Saviya is Sri Lanka’s first-ever community conscious giving initiative.

What makes the Saviya initiative different is that customers consciously choose to have the company make a contribution on their behalf.

They simply need to enter the promo code SAVIYA at checkout and Providore will donate 1% of the basket value to the designated Rotary programmes at their cost.

Dilini Hennayake president-elect of the Rotary Club of Colombo Metropolitan for 2022–2023

Expressed his opinions on the project’s beginning by saying: “Distribution and medicine together.”

This allows us to directly support and support local community projects, especially underprivileged children. ”

The recent past has seen every piece of news riddled with sad stories

of the immense pressures and hardships faced by millions of Sri Lankans across the country.

As a result, the Founders of Providore felt it was their social responsibility to take immediate action to get involved and do more for all Sri Lankans.

However, they were mindful not to merely roll out another corporate CSR initiative.

In order to make a significant change, the Providore community needed to work together to create a program that was more inclusive and dedicated in assisting one person, or one family at a time.

In order to provide customers with much-needed quality, service, and most crucially, reliability.

The founders at the time intended to build an online grocery platform that was both customer-centric and technologically advanced.

They did this by benchmarking the finest worldwide ecommerce systems. Providore is a well-known brand today because to its premium fruits and veggies. 100% basket fulfillment due to real-time stock display, and guaranteed on-time delivery.

Right from inception, Providore set itself apart by differentiating the way the company operates. It isn’t simply an online supermarket as the focus is always on the customer from the moment they log in,

right up until the delivery of goods.

Unlike a standard delivery platform Providore has invested in the end-to-end process having a fully integrated 20,000 sq ft facility with storage.

fruit & vegetable processing and delivery fleet with cold chain transport capability as part of their business model.

Providore operates 7 days a week delivering to Central and Greater Colombo from 8.00am – 8.00pm daily.

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