QuickBooks Error 101: Possible Symptoms and Solutions

QuickBooks is a popular online tool and a desktop application, helping hundreds of businesses to simplify their accounting needs. In a portal with numerous moving pieces, it is quite natural to see a few errors in a while. However, what’s important is to provide reliable solutions for every problem, and QuickBooks does it for every error. Let’s take a look at the QuickBooks Error 101, its few aspects, and some possible solutions.

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Intuit QB error 101: Description

Intuit QB error 101 is a scripting one in the nature and may have external causes. For example, a failure from the Windows side like .NET Framework or Active X crash can trigger the error on the screen. The issue is not that common but can take significant time out of your productive hours if not diagnosed properly.

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QuickBooks Banking error 101: Symptoms

There are various symptoms that the QuickBooks Banking error 101 show. Here is a list of them.

  • Occurrence of run-time errors without any prior warning.
  • Repetitive pop-ups of the same dialogue boxes.
  • QuickBooks files are not appearing or showing even after the access.
  • Facing issues while trying to connect banking account with QuickBooks.
  • The speed of the internet gets slow or even down.

If you encounter the same symptoms, then you are facing the QuickBooks Error 101.

Solutions for error 101 in QuickBooks

Just like the cause and symptoms, there are many solutions for error 101 in QuickBooks. You can always refresh your bank account or update Java, Adobe Flash Player, and .NET Framework to eliminate all the underlying causes of this error. If you still face it, then go for the below-mentioned solutions.

Solution #1

  • Another way to counter the error is to add Intuit as a trusted website. For that, go to Internet Explorer and select the Gear icon on the top right corner of the page.
  • Click on the Internet Options and open Trusted Sites under the Security Tab.
  • Click the Sites option and ad the two websites- and
  • Click Close and go to Custom Level section.
  • Locate Miscellaneous and enable the Allow Cross-Domain Requests, then click OK.
  • Click Apply and then OK, and try to update transactions once again in Internet Explorer.

Solution #2

  • To the change Encrypted Pages setting and enable the TLS 1.2, go to the Internet Explorer and check if Use TLS 1.2, under the Advanced tab, is check-marked.
  • After that, find Do Not Save Encrypted Pages to the Disk option and uncheck it.
  • Click Apply and then hit OK.

This article listed the symptoms and solutions for QuickBooks Error 101. Try them step-by-step, and if you still face the issue, feel free to call our experts on 1.855.738.2784 to get on the line support.

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