QuickBooks freezes when trying to email invoice? Here’s What to do to Fix it

We are all aware of the features that QuickBooks offers, like email functionality, multi-user mode, payroll, and many others. In this blog, we are going to discuss the email feature using which users can send reports, forms and invoices via email. To send the email, QuickBooks integrates with Microsoft Outlook as an email client. Unfortunately, there are times when QuickBooks freezes when trying to email invoice. The issue basically arises when email preferences are not set up correctly or Windows settings are misconfigured. Stick to the article until the end to get detailed information on the QuickBooks email error.

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Factors that lead to QuickBooks email Outlook not responding

Below are some known reasons behind this email issue in QuickBooks:

  1. Email settings and web preferences are incorrect.
  2. Installation on QuickBooks Desktop is not conducted correctly.
  3. Outlook is running in the background while sending email from QuickBooks.

Fixing QuickBooks Outlook freezes when sending email issue with different methods

Method 1. Repair QuickBooks application to resolve freezing issue

Before you start the repair, generate a backup file by following the steps given below:

  1. Open QuickBooks, select the File menu and select the Switch to Single-user Mode option.
  2. From the File menu, select Backup Company and click Create Local Backup.
  3. Select Next, go to the Local Backup Only section and click Browse.
  4. Choose a location where you want to save backups, select OK and click Save it now.
  5. Then, close the window and open the Control Panel.
  6. Choose Program and Features, select Uninstall a Program and click QuickBooks.
  7. Click Uninstall/Change, select Continue and then Repair.
  8. When the repair process completes, click the Finish button.

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Method 2. Update QuickBooks software to the most recent release

  1. Quit QuickBooks, click the Windows Start menu and locate the icon of QuickBooks among the list of programs.
  2. Right-click the icon, select the Run as administrator option and wait till you see the No Company Open window.
  3. From the Help menu, click Update QuickBooks Desktop and select the Options tab.
  4. Click Mark All, then the Save button and choose the Update Now tab.
  5. Mark the Reset Update checkbox to clear previous updates and then click Get Updates to start downloading the update.
  6. Complete the update, open QuickBooks again and accept the prompt to install the update.

Method 3. Setup and use webmail to send emails in QuickBooks

  1. Start QuickBooks, click the Edit menu and choose Preferences.
  2. Select Send Forms, go to the My Preferences section and click WebMail.
  3. Type your email address, scroll the drop-down and choose your email provider.
  4. Click on the Use Enhanced Security checkbox, then OK and sign in to the Intuit account when prompted.


Implementing the above troubleshooting solutions correctly will surely help you fix QuickBooks freezes when trying to send email invoices error. If you face any difficulty performing the steps or the problem reappears, call us on our toll-free number +1-855-856-0042 and talk to the certified QuickBooks expert’s team for guidance.

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