Range of products necessary for the construction industry

Let us talk about buildings. When we jump into the topic of the construction of buildings, loads of things need to be deployed and those things go beyond the superb pictures taken. We often forget that all these things like expansion joints, PVC wall protection, Entrance matting system, stair nosing etc are the most important components that are used majorly in the construction sector. So, make your construction process simpler with such solutions. Why don’t you dive into this blog to explore a lot more about these products?

Is our construction industry growing?

There has been an incredible development in the construction industry from cloud-based collaboration to artificial intelligence. In every way, the construction industry is boosting and ameliorating the way infrastructure and building development is happening. The construction industry is expected to see healthy revenue growth in future years.

If you want to explore different solutions ideal for the construction industry then come and visit The Big 5 exhibition 2022 at Dubai World Trade Centre from 5th to 8th December. At this exhibition, we, Dutco Tennant LLC will be showcasing a wide gamut of products which are best for the construction sector.

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Ameliorating the construction sector with these products:

Explore these amazing products supplied by Asteknik right at The Big 5 event:

  1. Expansion joints

No one can deny the importance of expansion joints in the construction industry. Expansion joints are installed in the concrete to permit structural element movement caused by temperature changes. expansion joints permit the concrete structure to contract or expand because of thermal variation but without causing any kind of stress which could have other resulting cracks in buildings.

  1. Entrance matting system

The entrance matting system acts as the best barrier in order to avoid dust & water from progressing into the building’s interior floor and offer protection to the surface finish of your floor. This type of matting system reduces slipping accidents and is stylish. They also provide resistance from heavy-duty wear in busy areas. You can contact one of the reliable suppliers of entrance matting systems in the Middle East and GCC region.

  1. PVC wall protection system

Wall protection systems are usually made from two material types – PVC & polyurethane foam. PVC Wall protection systems are the best solutions that reduce accident risk, stop damage and also help in lessening the maintenance cost of your properties.

  1. Stair nosing

The main purpose of installing stair nosing profiles is the improvement of staircases’ safety. Stair nosing profiles are used to make, define and safeguard the steps in marble, ceramic, stone etc. stair nosing profiles offer an aesthetically pleasing and stylish finish. Stair nosing is available in the market in different heights. You can use stair nosing both in public as well as private areas.

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All these products are most important for the construction sector. Expansion joints offer safety while other products come to beautify and safeguard. If you want to explore these solutions then come down to the prestigious The Big 5 exhibition 2022 from 5th to 8th December. Dutco Tennant LLC is going to exhibit an extensive range of best solutions for the construction sector. Meet us at Stall No. – 8D341.

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