Role Of Physiotherapy in Ageing and Cardiorespiratory System?

Physiotherapy is a well-recognized professional in the health field that can have several roles and objectives. Depending on the clientele. Savanna Medical Centre We often hear about this profession to treat pain or to recover from an. Injury in adults/teenagers. In older people, the goals and roles of physiotherapy may be significantly different, which will be discussed in this blog post.

Maintain Muscle Strength and Mobility

The human body can significantly lose muscle strength and mobility with normal aging. In addition. Certain diseases/health problems can make this phenomenon worse (for example, a stroke). In physiotherapy. Several exercises can be done to maintain or improve the strength and mobility of such a region of the body to ensure its proper functioning.

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Improving Balance And Safety

Falls can happen at any time, but the risk of having a fall increase significantly with age due to several. Factors related to aging. A physiotherapist can use several methods to improve balance in these people. Either by giving safety advice or practicing balance exercises.

Reducing Pain

As with younger children, physiotherapy methods exist to reduce pain. A physiotherapist can also give advice and tips on how to manage pain at home. Recovery Following Surgery or A Fracture

With age, the risk of fracture increases and older people will have more recourse to certain surgeries. For example, with the development of arthritis, some will opt for replacement surgery of such a joint. More frequently the knee or the hip following surgery such as this or a fracture, rehabilitation is needed to facilitate walking/mobility. And to regain strength and mobility of the involved joint. Improving The Capacity Of The Cardiorespiratory System

Several factors can alter the capacity of the cardiorespiratory system, ie basically the heart and the lungs. Obesity and physical inactivity, smoking and immobilization and certain chronic diseases are some examples. When this system is altered, one can notice a significant decrease in endurance to do certain tasks. The goal of physiotherapy in this case is to increase the endurance of these people during their daily activities. Maintain Autonomy and Independence

By combining these different benefits, we arrive at one of the major goals of physiotherapy for the elderly: Maintaining autonomy and independence. This benefit is extremely advantageous for the quality of life and the dignity of the elderly.

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In addition, the burden on people in the immediate surroundings of the person who often have to act as caregivers is reduced. There are also many other benefits of physiotherapy for the elderly that have not been discussed in this blog, such as mental health benefits and social benefits. For more information on what physiotherapy can do for you or for an elderly person in your life, do not hesitate to contact your physiotherapist.

Muscle Injuries

Different parts of a muscle can be injured as a result of trauma, misuse, or repetitive use of a body part. The inflammation caused by the injury can lead to swelling (edema), pain, loss of flexibility and strength, and can restrict the use of the muscle.

Physiotherapy is an effective approach to help the muscle regain its function.

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