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Save Office 365 Documents to Computer- Complete Guide

Generally, when you log in to your Microsoft account, the apps save your documents in the OneDrive storage by default. Storing your files in the cloud could be tempting as it allows you to access your data from anywhere and on any device. However, from the security point of view, keeping your data only on the cloud is not completely safe. So, it is suggested that you should save Office 365 documents to computer as well.

Having a backup of all your important files and documents could save you from a lot of unpleasant situations.

If you are not sure about the methods to save your important documents locally then keep on reading this write-up till the end. Cause here you will find effective ways to store your data on the local hard drive of your computer.

But, before that, if you are having second thoughts on why should you save a copy of your sensitive documents locally then you should know some valid reasons for the same.

Backup Office 365 Documents Locally- Know The Reasons For Storing Your Important Files

As mentioned earlier, cloud platforms are prone to malware attacks and hackers won’t spare a moment if they get a chance to break into your accounts.

Let’s understand the importance of taking frequent backups and saving your files on the computer through a real-life example given below.

One of the Microsoft 365 users has the following concern;

Recently, my Microsoft account was hacked. When I reported and my case escalated, my account was immediately suspended so that the hackers won’t be able to use it further. But, my actual concern is that my OneDrive was connected to my account and some irreplaceable documents were there. Since the hackers changed my password, I can no longer log in to my OneDrive. So, now, I’m worried that will I be able to retrieve my documents even though my account has been suspended.

Well, from the above user query, it is clear that cloud platforms are not always secure. So, to safe keep your sensitive files and documents, it’s better to download Office 365 mailbox.

Secondly, there is no doubt that cloud storage like OneDrive is robust but it still can break due to power outages, and network disasters. Even a small glitch can take down the service. So, if you have your files and documents saved locally then in urgent situations you can work with them without any tension.

Another problem with OneDrive storage is that it gets paused automatically. In addition to that, it’s incapable to download or upload files from

Hence, to avoid the pitfalls of the cloud storage OneDrive, it is recommended to take backup and save a copy of important Office 365 documents to your computer.

Now, How Can You Save Office 365 Documents to Computer?

There are two ways present through which you can download your data locally.

  1. Using In-house Import/Export Wizard
  2. Through a Professional Tool

The first one is the manual method and the other is the automated one. Let’s get familiar with both methods in detail so that you can choose a method that is reliable and suitable for you.

Method-1: Manually Backup Office 365 Documents Locally Using In-house Tool

This method is quite a lengthy approach and before attempting, make sure you are well-versed with the Outlook platform and configured the same.

Coming to the steps, you have to follow the below;

Step-1: Go to Outlook and click on the ‘File’ present at the top left of your screen.

Step-2: After that, click on ‘Open & Export’ and then select the Import/Export option.

Step-3: Next, select the ‘Export to File’ option.

Step-4: Click ‘Next’ to proceed further.

Step-5: Now, select the ‘Outlook Data file(.pst)’.

Step-6: Press ‘Next’ to save Office 365 documents to computer along with other files.

Step-7: After that, select the mailbox that you wish to download.

Step-8: Next, press the ‘Include sub folders’ checkbox to save the entire mailbox.

Step-9: Then, click on the ‘Next’ button.

Step-10: After that, click on the ‘Browse’ option to choose the destination location of the Outlook (.pst) file.

Step-11: Finally, click on the ‘Finish’ button and start the download process.

[Note: If you wish to protect your PST files with passwords, enter the same or just leave it blank]

After following the above steps, you will be able to backup Office 365 documents locally in PST format. And, you have to manually find your documents which can be a tedious process if you have a huge amount of data.

Besides, this in-built tool can’t export multiple mailboxes at the same time. And, if you wish for the same then it may take hours or even days.

If you have the time and are ready to take the challenge then that’s fine. Otherwise, you can always opt for the next method.

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Method-2: Automatically Save Office 365 Documents to Computer Using Professional Tool

This method is completely automated as it involves the SysTools Office 365 Mailbox Backup Tool. With just a few clicks you will be able to download all your important Office 365 documents to your local system.

Also, it gives you the flexibility to download not just documents but also emails, calendars, and contacts & that too in bulk. Sounds amazing right?

Now, have a look at the easy-to-do steps given below.

Step-1: Install the software and launch it on your computer. Then, in the Setup section, select ‘Office 365’ as the source and ‘Outlook’ as the destination to save Office 365 documents to the computer.


Step-2: Now, choose the ‘Document’ checkbox to save Office 365 documents to computer.


Step-3: If you want a selective backup then click the ‘Date Filter’ option and choose the From & To date.


Step-4: After that, in the ‘Source’ tab, provide the ‘Admin Email’ and ‘Application ID’ to proceed further.


Step-5: Verify the source user permissions by clicking on ‘Validate’. Then click ‘Next’ to backup Office 365 documents locally.


Step-6: Next, go to the ‘Destination’ tab, and select the ‘Backup folder path’.


Step-7: Once again validate the permissions and click ‘Next’ to save Office 365 documents to the computer.


Step-8: Now, click on the ‘fetch users’ and choose a list of users to save Office 365 documents to computer of those users.


Step-9: At last, click on ‘Start Backup’ to begin the process of downloading.

As you can see that the above process is very easy to carry out. Even a non-technical user can effortlessly do it.


After reading this write-up, you now know that it is essential to have a copy of your sensitive files and documents saved on your computer. By this, you can certainly avoid many unpleasant situations. And, to further help you, this technical guide has explained two different methods to save Office 365 documents to computer. Hence, choose the effective method and download all your important documents.

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