Seven reasons to Buy Electric Bike in India

One of the important innovations of the decade is electric bike. Just think about them in the place of small scoter run by petrol, rather than normal cycles. Swagtron electric bikes provide a wide range of bikes for adults. 

These include commuter e-bikes, ‘off road’ e-bikes and recertified electric bikes. It also offers gear cycles with help you in changing the gears according to different terrains. These gear cycles are also useful for helping you in accelerating effectively in comparison to non-gear cycles. With the help of electric bikes and gear cycles, it will be possible for you to reach to your destination quickly.

Earlier this year, I woke up one morning with a vision of myself wearing a flimsy summer dress and zipping around town on a Vespa. But Vespas, it turns out, are expensive, and my visions, I’ve learned, tend to be short-lived. So I did a bit of research and settled on a new one: zipping around town on a folding electric bike instead.

1. Speed and flexibility

The technology used in electric bikes and gear cycles provides you the scope of covering large distances with very little or almost no effort. The Swagtron electric bikes are designed like a normal bike with the subtle touch of sophisticated technology.

2. Improving fitness level

According to the scientists at University of Basel of Switzerland that gear cycles and e-bikes are good and effective exercises. They are very good for promoting health. E-bikes are very good for improving the level of fitness.

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3. Reduce your bank expenses

If you have an e-bike instead of a motor vehicle in India, it will be useful for saving money down the road. Petrol is very costly in India and prices surge very often. With the help of e-bikes and gear cycles, it will be possible for you to purchase affordable batteries, which can be active for more than 18 to 50 miles.

4. Future of transportation 

E-bikes are on their way of being smart counterparts. It is expected that the invention will develop over time and we might have the prototype of the most craved transport.

5. Environment friendly

Pollution in India has reached to an alarming level. Swagtron electric bikes purport to emit very low pollution each kilometre of distance. The average energy usage by those bikes are at around 100 watts.

6. Verities of designs

With increase in marketability, the electric bike manufactures have started producing different types of designs that can surely accommodate your requirements.

7. Assisted biking

Electric bikes and gear cycles have the essential feature of assisted biking. They are provided with pedal assist. This is actually a machine that is installed inside the bikes for boosting the pedalling. This is responsible for decreasing stress and have less effect on the thighs and knees. 

Best electric bike for you

If you are looking for bikes in India, Swagtron electric bikes are your best choice. You can get all types of bikes from Swagtron. Some of the positively reviewed bikes include EB& Plus electric bike, EB5 pro plus and EB7 elite commuter. These bikes provides you with features like gear shifting, removable battery. You can also reach to W/7 speed.


Now that you know the reasons of having an electric bike in India. However, prior to buying any electric bike you have to crosscheck the important features like supporting wheels, frame and size. Latest gear cycles are the best choice for you as it offers lightweight and durable bikes. If you are planning for buying electric bikes online, you can use Bajaj Finserv Network Card and buy electric bikes and gear cycles at reasonable price. You can have more than one million products from 1.5 million above shops throughout India.

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