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Should You Need to Put on Retainer Forever Post Invisalign?

Invisalign will straighten the teeth within 12-18 months. But afterwards, you must wear retainer as per orthodontist’s instructions. It will prevent the teeth from getting back to the pre-treated positions. If you neglect to put on the retainer will affect the newly obtained results including overall health.

This blog compiles some commonly asked queries on retainer often presented by the patients. Read on to know about them.

Why does the teeth shift once pop out the retainer?

After completing Invisalign you will feel awkward to put on another oral device. As per dentist, putting on retainer is pivotal; otherwise the teeth will shift to pre-treated position again gradually.

You cannot notice the change at first but of course over time. Initially, the retainer will feel uncomfortable and tight and becomes comfortable with time. But for that you need to wear them on consistently.

Normally, the teeth will shift slightly once you complete the Invisalign treatment stop using the aligner. It is because of daily wear and tear of the teeth on swallowing, speaking, biting and chewing. The retainer is helpful to protect the teeth from noticeable changes allowing you to maintain straight gorgeous smile in the long haul.

Do you need retainer post Invisalign treatment?

Of course, you need to put on the retainer post Invisalign treatment. Although the approach of teeth straightening using Invisalign is quite unique yet the result is similar to that of traditional braces. Thence, retainer is important for you to put on post any sort of teeth straightening treatment.

What must you expect post Invisalign?

Partially the teeth will hold by its surrounding jawbone to the exact location. At the time of Invisalign treatment, the jawbone will soften and disappear (resorption) allowing the teeth to shift to the original positions.

After Invisalign, retainer is imperative to put on to promote the deposition of new bone in the new place of teeth. It will consume 9-12 months for stabilising the teeth by adequate deposition of bone.

What should you expect after a year of Invisalign treatment?

After a year of Invisalign treatment, sufficient bone will deposit surrounding the teeth to hold them to the new position. However, this is the reason you need to put on the retainer frequently for maintaining the straight beautiful smile. Dentist will recommend you to put it on 3-5- time in a week.

The teeth cannot drastically move if the jawbone restores the bone tissue. But with aging they will shift slightly inward or outward. Also, you cannot notice this change overnight. It will come into your notice over the course of time.

What will happen if you lose the retainer?

In case you lose the retainer call your orthodontist right away for an appointment. Whatever or however you lose it the dentist will provide the new one on an earliest note to continue the treatment of teeth straightening. They will take teeth impression at the time of appointment for making new retainer.

Book a consultation with your dentist

Never hesitate to visit your orthodontist in case of any confusion. Only they can tell you for how long you need to put on the Invisalign retainers to retain the result in the long run. Consult with the orthodontist today!

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