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Some people just adore teaching and taking pleasure in seeing others learn. You ought to be earning money as a tutor if that describes you and you have a good level of education.

Group tutoring, one-on-one instruction, and even online remote tutoring are all options. Even apps like Tutorme can help you make money from tutoring. In addition to apps, there are online platforms like Preply where you can teach online whenever and wherever you want! It provides a consistent student population from all over the world, safe payment methods, and ongoing customer support. Additionally, you decide your own hourly rate and are free to modify it at any time! You can also market you service using whiteboard animation videos. For making videos you can use whiteboard animation softwares along with voiceover using text to speech softwares.

If you want to find local tutoring clients, you can collaborate with the nearby colleges, high schools, and universities (or at the least ask them to post your flyer to their noticeboards). As with any business, it helps to specialise in what you offer to stand out and present yourself as an authority in a specific field (for example, math tutor, Key Stage 2 tutors, English tutor, GCSE tutor, business tutor, A-level tutor…).

2. Delivery Service (Man With A Van)

Typical situation involving a man and a van. The need to transport objects from point A to point B is constant. The number of heavier packages and items requiring individualised delivery or courier services has sharply increased, particularly with the growth of eCommerce.

You’ll need a driver’s licence and a sizable multipurpose vehicle in order to launch a delivery business (i.e. Van or Truck). Additionally, straps and sheets are required to secure and shield more delicate items from harm while in transit. Reach out to nearby companies that sell tangible goods and require delivery services in order to market your new company. Find out how much they are currently paying for delivery services, then undercut them. You can also work as a FLEX subcontractor to deliver goods for businesses like Amazon if you want to get started on a smaller scale. Additionally, it is worthwhile to advertise your services on Gumtree and focus on eBay sellers of larger items by offering your delivery services.

3. Cleaning carpets

Every few years, carpets and rugs require more attention than a good vacuum can provide; at this point, a professional carpet cleaning service is required. The majority of people turn to a professional carpet cleaning company to address the issue even though they can rent a carpet cleaner to complete the task themselves.

While carpet cleaning is relatively simple to launch as a service, the startup costs for the equipment are higher than for the majority of the other small business ideas. You’ll require a variety of carpet cleaning tools and agents on a regular basis (though you can find decent second-hand equipment on Ebay).

You can target either the residential market (individual homeowners or renters) or businesses when it comes to potential customers, with the former constituting the carpet cleaning industry’s single-largest market.

4. Walking the dog

To stay happy and healthy, dogs require a lot of exercise each day. Everyone enjoys dogs, but after a long day at work, most of us lack the time or the energy to take our dog(s) for a walk.

A master harness, knowledge of dog behaviour and training, and good physical health are requirements for starting a dog walking business (for multiple dogs). Depending on the area you’re in, you might also require a dog walking licence.

You can register as a provider on websites like BorrowMyDoggy (yes, it’s real) or post advertisements on Gumtree to promote your dog walking services.

5. Writer of a CV (Curriculum Vitae) or cover letter

Most people consider finding work to be important, but doing so can be very challenging. It’s made even more challenging by the fact that the majority of people don’t know how to write and structure their CV/cover letter or are unsure of how to do so. Even those who think they know how to write a CV pretty well frequently ask for a second opinion and feedback to increase their chances of getting their CV noticed and landing that crucial job interview.

Because of this, there is a rising need for skilled writers who understand how to draught, organise, and improve resumes and cover letters. You must possess a background in business English, perfect grammar and spelling, and an understanding of what hiring managers are seeking before you can begin. The startup costs for this business idea are relatively low because you can run it from home and only really need basic word processing and editing software (although some design knowledge and software will be helpful as this role involves a visual component).

With this business, marketing can be a little challenging because you need to connect with people as they apply for jobs. However, because this information is confidential, it can be challenging to locate or connect with these individuals. The best ways to get noticed are to promote your CV writing services through colleges and universities and at local professional networking events.

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