Smooth guide on the suppliers to exhibit at ADIPEC

Are you excited to know which suppliers are going to take part with Dutco Tennant LLC? In this blog, you will find out how to get the most out of exhibiting at ADIPEC, the world’s leading conference on supplier performance. You will also learn which suppliers are best in supplying products for the oil and gas industry. Stay with us to explore a lot more.

What is the ADIPEC exhibition all about? 


ADIPEC, also known as the “Global Exhibition for Energy Industry” is an international exhibition that covers a broad range of high-end products to power global energy. This event is going to happen from 31st Oct-3rd Nov 2022 at Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre

The suppliers exhibiting at ADIPEC are some of the most innovative and advanced companies working in this field of oil and gas. Some of the exhibitors include AVK Saudi Arabia, Wouter Witzel, Persta, Armatury and many more

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A snippet into the suppliers’ list:

Have a look at the suppliers’ list who are going to participate with the Dutco Tennant LLC at the ADIPEC exhibition 2022:

AVK Saudi Arabia is the supplier of ADIPEC components. AVK has a wide variety of products to choose from, including UL FM Approved Gate Valves, UL FM Fire hydrants.

Wouter Witzel is another supplier of ADIPEC components. a wide variety of products to choose from, including: Wouter Witzel offers a wide range of products to choose from to meet the needs of customers. Rubber-lined Butterfly Valves, Check Valves.

Persta produces alloy materials for ADIPEC components. They have a variety of products such as like Gate Valve, Check Valve, High-Pressure Valves.

Armatury produces switches, actuators and other control devices for ADIPEC systems. Their products include: Ball Valves, Gate Valve, Globe Valve, Valves for Nuclear, 

Why to come at ADIPEC?


  • ADIPEC is a global exhibition that brings together suppliers from all over the world to exhibit their latest and greatest products and technology.
  • ADIPEC provides an excellent opportunity for suppliers to showcase their latest and greatest products and technologies in an open-air environment.
  • This exhibition provides an excellent opportunity for suppliers to exchange information, learn about new trends, and connect with their customers.
  • This can be the ideal platform for you to catch LIVE demonstration of the solutions. Expert representatives will be right there at the stalls to provide visitors in demonstrating product supplies.
  • Indulge in insightful interactions with the top product partners. Exchange some insightful & valuable conversations related to products specialized for the oil and gas sector.
  • Get to discover innovative and smart project solutions through these high-end product supplies.

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We hope you have liked this blog about the suppliers who are taking part with us, Dutco Tennant LLC. Come and join at the ADIPEC exhibition that will be bringing a great opportunity for the exploration of a wide spectrum of solutions from reputed industry suppliers worldwide. Do not miss the chance to come and meet the leading suppliers here. If you have not registered yet, then do register now.

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