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Social Media

Social Media in Trends

Social media, which serves a wide area from daily use to corporate advertising works, is also the determinant of the agenda. As the first quarter of 2022 ends, the rising trends of social media are being updated again.

Social media is increasing its importance in our lives day by day. Social media, which serves a wide area from daily use to corporate advertising works, is also the determinant of the agenda. So, what do you think of the rising trends as we approach the middle of 2022?

  1. Video Content (Including Live Video)

Words are now heard, not written. Video content is increasing day by day. How do we understand this?

-Short video social platform TikTok has surpassed one billion users worldwide

-YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. Users spend more time there than Netflix and Facebook Video combined.

In 2021, more than 15% of all content on Facebook was video content.

-Video posts on LinkedIn are shared twenty times more than any other content.

– Short videos in portrait format, which are especially popular thanks to TikTok and Instagram Reels. Some channels even create a second account on YouTube just to post short videos.

As a result of this trend, video is also very popular as a marketing tool. Video-based platforms use videos for their advertisements and consumers respond positively. 45% say they want to see more videos from brands on social media. Also check Descargar videos de Facebook

  1. Influencer and Community Marketing

As the internet develops, influencer marketing through social media also increases its popularity. Platforms like Instagram, in particular, have helped brands gain fame who use it to market their products. This trend is still growing and is slowly shifting to other platforms.

However, as part of the social media trends of 2022, you will see a shift from mega-influencers to numbers with smaller but tighter communities. This has to do with several factors.

For one, consumers are increasingly using the online world to find like-minded people. The result is highly cohesive communities where members support each other in pursuit of a common interest. Twitter is currently testing this with the Communities feature.

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  1. Social Commerce The

Next step in the social media trends we should be talking about in 2022 is social commerce. More and more social networks are providing the ability to buy and sell directly on the platform. The use of such features has also increased drastically over the pandemic.

Selling talent turns social profiles into more than just the first step of the funnel. Now customers can complete the entire customer journey, from product discovery to purchase to support, in one place. This is especially appealing to younger users, who are more likely to use their phones as the primary device for shopping and research.

  1. New Ad Spend

Google plans to phase out tracking cookies by 2023. It is not yet clear what will replace them and what the consequences will be for marketers. However, it makes alternative advertising models more important.

In addition, the organic reach of most social networks has dwindled over time, leading many marketers to add PPC advertising to their marketing mix. While major platforms like Facebook and Instagram have a flat fee for this, it’s also worth noting that brands are shifting most of their money to less established competitors, specifically TikTok, Snapchat, and Pinterest.

  1. Corporate Social Responsibility

If there is one thing younger user’s care about when it comes to interacting with businesses, it is corporate social responsibility.

Members of this generation are growing up in a world and societies are facing great social challenges. Among them:

-Climate change — Generation Z social media users say they are highly concerned about this issue and many young people are too busy finding ways to combat it.

-Animal rights — Meat-free diets are on the rise. This is particularly a response to the unsustainable business practices of the meat industry and their impact on greenhouse gas emissions.

-Equality — the talk about the gender pay gap is pretty prominent around the world. Online conversations about equality extend into other areas. For example, a recent study also revealed a pay gap between white and BIPOC influencers.

-Migration — there are refugee crises in many parts of the world: Syrian refugees arriving in Europe in 2015 and beyond, African refugees drowning in the Mediterranean, or separation of families seeking asylum at the US border under the Trump administration. All of this was accompanied by intense discussions and campaigns on social media.

As a result, young users expect the brands they interact with to take a determined stance on these important issues. They want to know where companies stand before spending their money on them.

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