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Soulful Traveling Songs to Listen on Your Next Trip 

Best Soulful Traveling Songs 

Listening to soulful songs when you hit the road can help you enjoy the road even more. Here are some song suggestions to add to your traveling playlist. 

Good music while traveling makes the whole experience more memorable. So, before setting out on your next trip, adding some soulful traveling songs to your playlist is a good idea. It doesn’t matter whether you listen to them from your headphones or your car’s stereo, you can enjoy them both ways.

It is always better to download some good songs on your phone before leaving for a trip. That’s because while traveling, you are away from coverage areas for services like Spectrum Bundles and internet signals for streaming may not be available for long stretches on the road. Check out the songs in this article as they are worth downloading on the Spotify playlist.

Here are some good songs to listen to while traveling:

Stereo Hearts by Gym Class Heroes and by Adam Levine

Stereo Hearts is one of the classics that a lot of people never get tired of listening to. This is why it is still very popular even after more than a decade. If someone gives you the AUX, play it on the car speakers. Everyone is likely to vibe to it with you.

Talking to the Moon by Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars is among the favorites of a lot of music lovers even today. If you want a change from his recent groovy tracks, Talking to the Moon is a really good song. You can enjoy the relaxing beat and Bruno’s voice in this song. So, it is advisable to add it to your playlist and relax over it on long distances.

I’m so tired… by Lauv and Troye Sivan

If you need to travel for hours to reach your destination, at some point you will be tired of the usual love songs and traveling. Then a song that fits such a situation is “I’m so tired of love songs” by Lauv and Troye. The next line of the chorus is “I just want to go home”. In other words, this song can resonate with your feelings.

We Don’t Talk Anymore Song by Charlie Puth and Selena Gomez

Traveling is one of the times when you can miss someone close. A fitting song for those instances is We Don’t Talk Anymore by Charlie and Selena. The soft music in and the voices of the singers go well with each other in this song.

Perfect by Ed Sheran

Perfect was among the most popular wedding songs. But you do not always have to be at a wedding to enjoy this song. You can play this when you are traveling with your partner or you are thinking about them. Listening to this song may make you an Ed Sheran song if you are not one already.

Dusk Till Dawn by Zayn and Sia

If you are a fan of Zayn Malik and love songs, Dusk Till Dawn is a song you should have on your playlist. Featuring Sia’s and Zayn’s melodic voices, this song is something you can put on repeat. You can also play this song on AUX if your friends are Zayn or One Direction fans.

Memories by Maroon 5

For Maroon 5 fans, Memories is a nice song to listen to while looking out of the window while traveling. Also, you can play it on the car stereo and the chances your friends will like it too. It is one of those that sound pleasant after listening to multiple upbeat songs in a row. Add it to your playlist among other songs and have a good time listening to it.

What Could Have Been by Sting and Ray Chen

If you are following the new Netflix series like Arcane League of Legends, you may already know about What Could Have Been. Otherwise, it is an underrated song with good lyrics, vocals, and music. You can add it to your playlist.

Arcade by Duncan Laurence

Arcade by Duncan Laurence is a super popular song. The vocalist’s melodic voice and nice lyrics make it one of the traveling essentials. There are multiple versions of this song like slowed, acoustic, and remixes. If you like the song, you can listen to its other versions as well.

Love Is Gone (Acoustic) by SLANDER and Dylan Matthew

Love is Gone acoustic version is a relaxing song to listen to on your headphones. The actual Love is Gone is a dubstep song. So, you have both options to listen to the soft and melodic version or you want to headbang to the beat. You can vibe to this song either way.

Young and Beautiful by Lana Del Ray

Young and Beautiful is one of Lana’s best works for many music lovers. It is among some of the songs that never seem to age. Playing it while traveling can be relaxing. Also, if you are hitting the road with your partner, you may enjoy listening to this song even more.



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