Start a Mobile App-Based Business with Gojek Clone App

Mobile apps have made it easier for us to connect with individuals. Moreso companies, use the apps to interact with customers and increase their sales. In other words, mobile applications have become an inevitable part of a business. Therefore, if you are ready with the business plan to start an on-demand business, make sure you launch a multi-service app like Gojek Clone!

Why Need a Mobile App for Your Business Anyway?

Constructing an app for your business in 2022 is not a luxury but a necessity. Every business, a restaurant, pharmacy, or taxi company, knows the importance of mobile apps. Thus, by launching their app or selling via an online platform, business owners are earning 10X income. Does that ring a bell? You need a mobile app for your on-demand multi-service business, and here’s why:

1.     No manual labor

Having a mobile app for your business will automatically take your operations online. Unlike traditional business methods, you need not take the orders online or even manually call and assign service providers for the job. Everything will happen electronically.

2.   Lower overhead costs

As mentioned above, no manual work is required to take orders or manage data, etc. Therefore, the overhead costs go down. You don’t have to hire dedicated workers for these tasks. Moreover, you can diversify your existing human resource to other productive tasks like interacting with the customers.

3.   Keep your business up and running 24/7

There are a handful of mobile apps in the market. The main goal of having a mobile app is to keep the business available for customers 24/7, just like the websites. Even statistics have mentioned that an American adult spends an average of 3 hours and 43 minutes on mobiles.

It opens so many windows for you to allow customers to shop around the clock, make more sales, and earn money!

4.    Apps provide information at your fingertips!

Why are we insisting on you launching the Gojek Clone App? The app serves as the platform where you can directly market your services or products. The app eliminates the need for a dedicated shopkeeper to tell what the service is, its price, features, etc.

The mobile application will provide every piece of information necessary to customers like:

  • About the service/product
  • Price
  • Booking form
  • Features
  • User accounts
  • New feed
  • Sales and promo codes

5.    Contributes to your brand awareness

A mobile application for your on-demand multi-service business will strongly affect your brand awareness. In a positive way, obviously! Let’s see how:

●       Make your brand visible!

A brand is like a billboard. You can display your brand in any way you want. So that it’s visible to your customers; in brief build, an attractive front-end and back-end, highlighting your brand beautifully.

●       Elevates your brand’s recognition

A pretty helpful app like Gojek Clone will help your brand get recognized. The more you market the app, the more it will come to customers’ notice. According to the experts, this effective frequency rule states that if a person sees your brand name/logo 20 times, they will notice you!

How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Gojek-like App?

Do you want to know how much it costs to develop an on-demand multi-service app? The answer depends on whether you want to create the app from scratch or white-label a pre-built solution.

Case 1: Developing from scratch

Constructing an app from scratch can make you splurge a quarter to a billion dollars. Since you’re, starting from the first brick, you need human resources, electronic assets, infrastructure, and much more. Every component mentioned here is expensive.

Case 2: White-labeling a pre-built app

White-labeling the Gojek Clone app takes up only a fraction of the cost. As the app is built, entrepreneurs only have to purchase the package and ask the developers to modify the changes. The entrepreneur only has to buy the clone app package and not spend on monthly salaries, bonuses, incentives, paying office rent, etc.

In conclusion:

In summary, the Gojek Clone App is the ultimate business solution for your business. Therefore, it is necessary to start a mobile app-based business. Let your customers enjoy the many perks of online purchasing while you sit and manage the job from one platform itself!

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