Suggestions for Professional Conduct

Being professional is essential to having a successful career. Maybe you’re freshly out of college and want to learn the ropes, or maybe you just want to improve as a worker in general. Whatever your motivation, you may conduct yourself professionally by being well-prepared, upholding moral principles, and developing your skills.

Suggestions for Professional Conduct

1. Be an early comer

Every day is five minutes early. Avoid being that employee who consistently arrives fifteen minutes late or who is just barely making it in the door at 8:00AM. Rise early in the mornings so you can get to work on time; this will demonstrate your commitment to your task. Delay your departure until after 5 PM. After the meeting, stick around for a while to check email or do assignments.

2. Well Groomed

Be well-groomed and keep up decent hygiene. In addition to being on time, professional attire is crucial. Spend money on a couple professional clothes. Make sure to iron your clothes the night before to avoid having to do it in the morning when you’re rushing. Take daily showers and keep your hair out of your face and neatly styled.

  • Long-sleeved button-up shirts, like hand block printed shirts,  trousers or skirts, blazers, cardigans, and loafers are all acceptable elements of business attire. Avoid wearing anything that is overly tight or baggy and look neat by wearing clothes that fit you well.
  • Pay close attention to your coworkers’ attire. Each business defines professional attire differently. Don’t wear a suit every day, for instance, if everyone else is wearing khakis and button-down shirts. Adapt your attire to the corporate culture.
  • Overdressing is preferable to underdressing.

3. Keep yourself updated

Keep track of your voicemails and emails. Be the employee who replies to emails as soon as possible—no more than twice in a two-day period. As soon as you can, reply to emails from your superiors or supervisor. Before sending, proofread all emails again for errors. Even if the email is written in a casual tone, always respond to emails politely.

Professionalize your voicemail message as well. Make sure to keep your word if you say you’ll return calls within a specified time frame. Also, remember to listen to your voicemail frequently.

4. Become a great communicator.

Deliver material on-topic, make updates as short as you can, and minimize extraneous details. Ask open-ended inquiries if you have any queries about the content or directions. You may say something like, “Can you give me an example just to make sure I understand?” Keep a straight posture and maintain eye contact. Good posture communicates confidence. Avoid using slang: Do not overuse the words “like,” “um,” “uh,” and similar expressions.

5. Avoid getting involved in office rumors.

As much as possible, refrain from talking about your personal life at work, and be a trustworthy and dependable employee. Go to the meeting if you tell your boss you’ll take her place. By doing this, you can build trust with other people. Keep all of your scheduled meetings and appointments unless a significant change, such as an illness, arises. To the best of your abilities, finish all of your assignments ahead of time.


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