Tell the truth or lie to your interviewer?

Now I suppose this is a common question because a lot of call center agents jump from one company to another when they get tired bored or lazy with one job or if something wrong has happened in one company that they can not wait to start a new job in another company anymore. Also, Chek- BPO full form

They just go on equality and to those who are not familiar with that if you’re in your absence without official leave aching. Am I missing in action the disappearing act or do you just leave without permission without notice or anything? 

Should you hide previous employment?

So that is wild. So should you disclose to your interviewer that you went and eat well or should you just hide your previous employment? My only answer is. No. You should not hide your previous employment you should disclose sets if the interviewer asks you about it. Also, check- ED full form

Be honest

 Now take note not all interviewers will ask you about your status in your reviews company, not all interviewers, will ask you why did you go on a wall. So you don’t have to mention it but if you will ask yourself did you resign from this company did you give a 30-day notice in this company and then you should be honest about it.

 Now I know that you might be feeling scared or anxious about it because going in a while it’s never a good thing regardless of the reason but there are some reasons that you can justify well because maybe personally it’s harder for you to state anymore in that company or to stay even longer in that company.

If you have a stake in the company for let’s say a year or so then there’s no way you can hide your employment from anybody because you already have the employment record. You have to pay your taxes or maybe not you have your answer ask your government for mandatory benefits, yep deduction.

Give Good Explanation

 So you have a footprint in every document of your employment record. Also, you may be asked to get a certificate of employment. So you know if you have already spent so much time in so many years in your previous company and when you went in a wall then you better be ready with a good explanation as to why you went and eat well. 

So for example reason, if there is something personal then you don’t have to disclose all the details but you have to be prepared with a good explanation as to why you decided to go on the wall no matter how bad it might sound. 

Tips for Good Explanation

Now it just depends on how you explain it to you in the interview where you have to prepare a convincing statement. Goal of your answer is to let the interviewer knows that you’re honest with what you’ve gone through and what are you going to do. So that will not happen anymore in their company should you get hired, should you include exact employment in your employment history in your resume. 

Definitely, you should because if you don’t want then your interviewer will still ask you what you have been doing for that year or for those months that you were not working. If people are included in your resume then I suppose you will be creating a made-up story as to why you’re not in the office or not working for a year or so.

 So that’s going to be flat out lying to your interviewer and I tell you they can do background checks as much as they want especially about employment history.

A Short Story

 Just a short story I know someone who is really qualified to get a job but he tried to apply for any prestigious company however he was stricken nice with his employment history because there have been instances your arm. He went AWOL and he did not provide a 30-day notice. 

So he was asked about that of course because you’re already qualified for the job you’re good you obviously skill to do the job they will really find a way to ask you for some you know information that might be a deal-breaker. 

The interviewer

There so what the interviewer found out was he did not resign properly so he was not hired she could not lie his way out of it because it has already been part of his employment record. No, I can’t really provide a very specific sample answer because you may have a different situation or scenario but I imagine this is how you will answer it. 

Once in a while in my previous company because I felt like there was no more room for me to grow Kirby your why is and I wanted to start and you in a new job and in your company, I chose your company because I have researched about it and I found out that your company values employees really well and that compensation and benefits are also competitive.

 I really look forward to working in this company and I will make sure that I will do my best to perform and to do my task well and never go on the wall anymore. So if I am given the chance in this company I will give my 0 percent performance just to make sure that I will grow in my career as well introducing special the most natural-sounding text to speech software on the market.

Company  Research

 Hey, I’m Joey and I’m one of the 30 A. R. voices from speech. You read this article until now you probably couldn’t tell I’m not a real human voice. So that’s like my on-the-spot answer did not prepare for that answer at all. But that is the direction that we’re heading to you’re trying to explain why you left that company without notice and what you’re willing to do to get hired in that company that you’re applying to. 

Show your interviewer that you will never do anymore and if you say so yourself then make sure you don’t do it anymore as well. Now make sure you also research about the company because of course in your answer you said you’re your research about the company.

 So, of course, it’s your standard one that you already did some reading or you ask some your friends from the company or whatnot be honest about how you feel but be careful with how you say things because it might also be a deal-breaker can either make or break your chance to get hired.


 For example, if you are honestly fat lazy, and tired and get you hated your boss in your previous company then obviously you will not see it that way to your interviewer should never bad mouth your previous employer no matter how bad your experience was because it just doesn’t look right in your current company or your current interviewer. 

Explanation in Positive Manner

This brings me to another question that was asked me is it okay to sugarcoat or should you just be honest and true to yourself. Of course, you should be honest and true to yourself to make your words more convincing if that’s what you mean by sugarcoating that. Yes but what I needed by not lying or being careful with your words is that you don’t have to disclose the details. 

You don’t have to say you’re in these you are you’re tired because obviously you’re not going to get hired but you have to get to the root cause of why you were lazy or why you retired from that job and explain it in a positive manner. 

In there so that you sound like you want to get that job in that company and I really hope that you do and you don’t really want to get that job in the company that you’re applying to and in that note.

 I just want to remind you that again going then he will is never a good idea it can definitely affect your future employment. 

If Resigning, Resign Properly

If something is not going well in your current company now. Then just resigning properly at the very least 15 to 30 days should be acceptable. Speak with your supervisor or speak with your HR personnel and ask what is the best way to go about your resignation because for some reason they might allow you to go on an immediate resignation but never ever go on a wall or never and we’re not asked for permission.

 Don’t just disappear because that’s not the professional way to do it you wouldn’t want someone to do that to you as well like just leave you without notice nobody wants that.

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