The 8 Best Chow now Alternatives For Restaurants

For many individuals, direct online ordering is a crucial component of having food delivered to their doorway. Chow now, in that order, is a well-known platform that provides restaurants with considerable scalability.Since the purpose of this article is to present Restaurant Delivery System Like Chow Now for eateries, we will discuss the top meal delivery services.

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Chow Now’s Worth

Chow now is predicted to be worth $153,43 billion by 2023.Also they provide promo codes and discounts like Chow Now Promo Code Recent statistics indicate that Chow now is the ideal business partner for operators seeking to expand their own platforms. It was founded in 2011 and has served thousands of entrepreneurs, start-ups in the culinary industry, and popular restaurants.

Here are a few of the most important benefits of utilizing Chow now as your business partner:

All Chow now services for restaurants are provided in a secure environment, including various payment choices from online food order consumers, POS integration, order administration, and customer analytics, etc. In the event of any fraudulent activity, Restaurant Delivery System Like Chow Now will work with you to rectify the situation as quickly as possible.

Chow now gives restaurant owners complete control over their food ordering website and assists them in customizing it. You can communicate with Restaurant Delivery System Like Chow Now customer service via text chat within a few minutes.

The Eight Finest Chow now Substitutes For Restaurant Owners In 2021:

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, the vast majority of eateries have adopted various online meal ordering platforms. To satisfy the needs of food businesses, aggregators like as UberEATS, Zomato, and Food Panda have substantially reduced their fee %.

We have compared some of the largest players in the online meal delivery sector in order to provide you with trustworthy Restaurant Delivery System Like Chow Now. Chow now is not everyone’s cup of tea, despite being one of the most innovative platforms for food companies. If you are the founder of a brand-new food firm, you should consider the alternatives to Chow now listed below.

Blink Co

Blink is an appropriate Restaurant Delivery System Like Chow Now for eateries in their early phases of development. Signing up for a vendor account with Blink is primarily motivated by the company’s inexpensive price structure.

In addition, they levy monthly membership fees to operators. This capability alone is sufficient to allow these organizations to concentrate on marketing and scalability operations.

Listed below are a few of the chief advantages of cooperating with Blink:

Monthly payment structure There is no need for operators to worry about keeping up with high per-order percentages applied to all types of online food orders. Obtain a personalized and white-labeled food ordering app for your brand.

Enhance brand value by offering online meal ordering with a custom-built website and mobile application. Dedicated dashboard for menu creation, customer data analytics, and fleet management at Blink Co. Rider app with GPS monitoring enables you and your clients to track the delivery status of orders. Signing up for Blink is simple. Simply visit the Blink for Restaurants website to schedule a demo.


Toast Pos, a restaurant delivery service similar to Chow Now, is highly recommended.

Your food business is in your hands with Toast Pos’ wide range of options for partnering with the company. The digital ordering experience for operators and their customers improves through a responsive food ordering app interface, commission-free transactions, email marketing, and so on.

Here are some of the most important Toast Pos features for restaurants:

If your firm lacks a POS, printer, or online ordering system, Toast will take care of your needs through its own portal. Digitize your marketing efforts with Toast Pos’s consumer data. You can join up for a monthly payment plan or different bundles based on your needs. Receive comprehensive technical customer assistance for your online food portal operations.

Toast POS

Compared to Blink Co. and Beatbox, Toast Pos lacks design and brand innovation as compared to Restaurant Delivery System Like Chow Now. While Toast offers customization choices, such as banner and logo placement in the Toast Pos restaurant mobile app, Blink Co is the superior option.


This is a solid business that may have an outdated user interface as Restaurant Delivery System Like Chow Now It compensates for the absence of graphics, however, with solid functionality. Restaurants, particularly food business startups seeking Chow now alternatives, should be aware that Menufy offers a unified branding experience.

They charge a 12 percent commission fee on inbound food orders. In addition to a $99 email marketing cost if you wish to utilize your client data via the Menufy interface. Additionally, Menufy does not disclose your restaurant’s client information directly with you.

In contrast to UberEATS, however, the commission price of 12 percent is unquestionably modest. The latter has an excessively high rate of 35% for food enterprises. It gives little to no room for easily breaking even or generating a profit.

Hunger Rush

This POS system, also known as Hunger Rush 360, aims to remove third-party food delivery fees for your front-end consumers. Consequently, you can rely on this Restaurant Delivery System Like Chow Now to help you enhance client loyalty, decrease labor costs, and vice versa.

Multiple-restaurant owners can streamline compliance and operations by integrating Hunger Rush 360 across all platforms. As a result, you may anticipate streamlined logistics, prompt service, and unified ordering channels.

Hunger Rush 360

begins at $90 per restaurant in terms of pricing. Unfortunately, there is no free or trial version of the application. Before paying an upfront fee to sign up for a restaurant vendor account with Hunger Rush 360, you can research their Google reviews if you have any doubts.

Some of the most important features of Hunger Rush 360 as an alternative Restaurant Delivery System Like Chow Now are:

Locate and download the account history of your customers to improve your marketing campaigns.

Ideal for multi-location retail stores and restaurants with 20 to 25 locations. You can eventually teach your staff or employees to use Hunger Rush 360 to provide a satisfying customer experience.

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