The best free online games for youth

In order to save you such a valuable resource (and, perhaps, nerves), we thoroughly went through all the popular free online games and relevant free projects today, choosing the really best ones from them.


Genre: Multiplayer shooter
Platform: PC, Xbox One, PS4
Bright, cheerful, with cartoony cards and a bunch of juicy boobs in every match, Paladins is Overwatch in a medieval fantasy world. Well, with all sorts of guns added for color and dynamics. Instead of forcing you to run around colorful maps with your feet, the developers have provided each character with a faithful mount. From the very beginning, eight characters of different roles are available to the player, and the rest can be purchased for in-game currency. A game that is definitely worth a try.


Genre: First person shooter
Platform: PC
Another time-tested and still popular game. The same update that made CS:GO free-to-play added the Forbidden Zone, the 18-player Battle Royale here. Even if you are not attracted to the “piano”, you have at your disposal one of the most famous competitive shooters in the world. Flash drives, knives, crates on de_dust2 are all here, and it’s all completely free. Unless you suddenly want to buy skins for weapons.


Genre: Online action
Platform: PC, Xbox One, PS4
There aren’t many online games that are five years old or older these days, but Warframe stands out even among them. It is believed that his best days are yet to come. This game about strange space ninjas fighting even more bizarre enemies continues to grow and change, surprising and delighting its fans with massive updates. Just remember to read the introductory guides for beginners, without this it will not be easy.


Genre: Trading Card Game
Platform: PC, iOS,

If you grew up with TCGs like Magic: The Gathering and Pokemon, then you’ll love Hearthstone too. Unless now your shelves will be free from packs of colored cardboard. The game uses the familiar mechanics of mana required to perform everything from summoning creatures to casting spells, only in a simplified form, where the player receives one additional unit each new turn. This significantly lowers the barrier to entry, allowing you to focus on your deck and strategy without worrying about the ground. Hearthstone is a great example of the “one more game and go to sleep” kind of game.


Genre: Action RPG
Platform: PC, Xbox One
Very few crazygames online in this genre have managed to rise above the “playable if you’re sick of Diablo” status, but Path of Exile is one of those lucky ones. Even if it weren’t free, PoE would be a great game, improving on some elements of the genre and in turn presenting a staggering array of talents and skills. It goes without saying that it’s better to play it with friends, and the fact that you don’t have to pay for anything will help convince them.

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Genre: Korean MMORPG
Platform: RS
Korean MMORPGs, on the one hand, are all similar to each other, on the other hand, they often lure with the depth and dynamics of the best crazygames  more reminiscent of slashers . Blade and Soul is just one of those games: on one side of the scale there is a visual style familiar to titles from Asia (which, however, does not prevent it from being quite attractive), on the other, hurricane battles with lightning attacks and combo chains. Add to this the flexible leveling of classes and a large selection of PvP activities, and you get a good, high-quality, not boring MMORPG.

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