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The Best Tracks to Cruise Your Luxury Rental Car on!

Renting a supercar in Los Angeles can enhance your visit to the Golden State. However, once you’ve rented your luxury vehicle from an exotic car rental in LA, the next step is to find a long stretch of tarmac where you can truly experience what the beauty you just rented is capable of. Then, of course, it would be a cherry on top to find some very interesting and beautiful spots to drive to.

The good news is that LA offers a plethora of fantastic places where you can enjoy the ride and the scenery, and lucky for you, we’ve compiled a list.

Palos Verdes Peninsula

First, you will arrive in the Palos Verdes Peninsula once you’ve left the beach area. This scenic trip is around 15 miles long. The first breathtaking travel view awaits you at the Palos Verdes Estates intersection of Palos Verde Drive and Paseo del Mar: the stunning Santa Monica Mountains.

The trip will begin with a drive through some of the most magnificent homes in the area. However, if you take Palos Verde Drive, you may quickly reach the edge of the cliffs and enjoy the stunning ocean view. After passing some breathtaking cliffs and open water, the trail turns south. Along the roadside is the stunning Wayfarers Chapel.

The road leads to a primarily residential area. However, shortly before the trip’s end, you will get a bird’s-eye perspective of the Los Angeles Port region. This is the most beautiful industrial place you’ll ever see. A convertible would be the best ride to experience this drive.

Malibu Canyon

A gorgeous trip to the Pacific Coast Highway awaits from Malibu Canyon on Los Virgenes Road, allowing you to view the underrated parts of California that most tourists miss. The magnificent Santa Monica Mountains will surround you once you’ve left the area and are on Los Virgenes Road.

Continue down the road until you see Malibu Creek State Park and, not far after that, the Malibu Temple. The Hindu temple is not only an architectural work of art, but it also fulfills a religious purpose. You could even make a pit stop and taste some of the city’s best vegan cuisine.

Head north along the coast after reaching the Pacific Coast Highway; witnessing the verdant cliffs and wide blue waves of the Pacific will give you a true sense of freedom in California. Following the signs will lead you to Point Mugu State Park. The last stretch may appear bleak, but it’s all part of the open road experience. Of course, the open road would be even more thrilling if you drove a McLaren 570S.

A Green McLaren 570s Spider

The Angeles Crest Highway

Despite being approximately 10 miles from the freeway, the Angeles Crest Highway is frequently overlooked as a great day trip destination. This 20 miles long drive is one of the most out-of-this-world drives in Los Angeles.

After reaching the Angeles Crest Highway, you’ll have traveled more than 3,000 feet up the mountain. When the route becomes more challenging, you’ll be delighted that you rented an exotic car and have control of the steering wheel. The road will eventually grow thinner as you ascend.

Turn left at the Red Box Picnic Area and prepare for the best five miles of your life. First, you can view the San Gabriel Mountains, which have snowy peaks and a forest of beautiful green trees. Then, you’ll be driving alongside a mountain at the journey’s end.

Reaching the Mountain Wilson Observatory, you’ll see that it is surrounded by radio arrays and towers, making it appear that you’ve traveled to another universe.

A McLaren GT or Ferrari 488 Spider would be perfect for this drive because of their sporty handling and powerful engines. Anything else would not do the trick.

When you rent a luxury vehicle, these are just some of the breathtaking places you may cruise in your exotic sports car. Some of them include the iconic Mulholland Drive, Griffith Park, one of the most popular places in LA for tourist destinations, and much more. As we mentioned, Los Angeles is home to endless destinations you can never get enough of.


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Chloe Hernandez is a local townie and a car fanatic. She can guide you through the best ways around Los Angeles and recommend the best cars that would be a perfect fit for a specific route. In addition, she is a know-it-all when it comes to the latest innovative cars and past beauties. Her favorite hobby is exploring the best tracks in the most exquisite cars.

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