The Best Way To Choose A Domain Name – 10 Practical Tips

If you plan to create an online site or blog, you’ll always have to make the difficult decision of selecting the domain name. Your domain is your digital address. Even if you have the most appealing website, if you choose an incorrect address. You may be losing visitors before they’ve been to your website.

So, how do you select the perfect Domain name to use for your site?

We’ll attempt to provide some useful advice on how to register an official website name.

Checking the availability of a social media username can be done using a namechecker or username availability checker.

Choose A Domain Name Wisely

1. The Domain Name is Associated With the Domain Name

It’s more commonplace on blogs than on corporate websites. However, generally speaking, it’s important to align the domain with the name of the website to promote the research process and also to reap SEO benefits. The primary reason behind this strategy is straightforward. People search using the name that they know If the domain name and the name match the site is in business!

2. Select URLs for Websites That Are Simple to Remember

The ideal situation for choosing the right domain is to locate a name that is short to avoid the chance of making a mistake however, it should be easy to remember. Web addresses that are like this are easily identifiable and simple to share with others. The general advice given is to limit names that are composed of a couple of words.

Select a few, and then pick the one that is easiest to remember!

3. First, Check Availability

In most cases, you’re looking to register a domain using an address that isn’t associated with any website. However, it isn’t available due to the fact that it was previously bought by a third party or service that registers common addresses, and then sells these addresses.

In this instance, there are two options either contact the owner of the domain name and attempt to buy it. Or search for an identical domain name, but with an alternative extension, like .com or .net If the .UK domain isn’t available.

4. Include Keywords and Brands

This is possibly the most basic, and there are a variety of opinions that favor including multiple keywords in the domain name, while some prefer to concentrate on SEO and pick an unrelated domain that will appeal to the name.

It is recommended to choose the company as your first option, particularly when it has a memorable and simple name. However, you can fall to the keywords in the event of a lack or the presence of a niche industry where certain keywords are included in the standard terminology.

5. Review the Competitive Landscape

Like most other industries, knowing your primary competition can aid in making the best choices for your business. If the majority of them make use of their brand name as their domain name, it’s best not to try to be unusual or eccentric; clients could become in a state of confusion and decide to choose the competitor they like because they think it is more appealing.

6. Select the Extension You Want to Use

The selection of a domain extension should be evaluated with regard to the company’s goals. eCommerce typically uses .com domains since they carry greater international appeal. However, UK users often feel more secure when they visit the .UK domain.

The best recommendation to follow is this: If you aren’t pressed for budget. It is always advisable to select different extensions by the identical domain. For instance, you can choose names domain name.UK,, and with just one website active.

7. Beware of the Use of Hyphens (if You Are Able to)

There are advantages and disadvantages to using hyphens within the domain’s name. If your desired domain is already taken and registered. Then using the same domain name shortened by a dash might be a viable alternative. But, BEWARE, there is the possibility that users will forget to include a hyphen before ending up on the site of your competition!


The search for the perfect domain is similar to choosing the right shirt that matches your trousers. It’s not just a matter of some time and energy. In the end, choosing the one that is best for your company and is most popular with your customers will not always match perfectly. If you follow these tips, you’ll be sure to get a domain that will (as far as it is possible) coincide with you and your customers and last for a long time.


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