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The most important things to choose a domain name

This task is not as simple as it seems at first glance. After all, there are many different domain zones, perhaps you still do not know how much the project will grow(buy domain name).

Based on our twelve years of experience as a domain name registrar and SEO, we have prepared for you some recommendations for choosing a domain. After choosing you can buy domain name. We hope they help you find your perfect name!

A domain name can contain letters, numbers, and dashes

A dash cannot be the first or last character in a domain name. In the general case, the letters in the domain can only be Latin. Recently, more and more domain zones support Cyrillic in the domain name. They are called IDN (Internationalized Domain Names). When choosing a name, you must remember that you cannot mix characters; the domain name can contain characters of the Latin alphabet or Cyrillic.

The length of a domain name can be from two to sixty-four characters.

Domain zones can be divided into several groups

Deciding on the domain zone in which you want to register a name is just as important as choosing a domain. 

International domain zones. These include COM, NET, ORG, INFO, BIZ. Most of the domain names are registered in them. Therefore, it is difficult to find a suitable name here.

Choosing a domain in one of these zones allows you to unambiguously indicate the site’s ownership. Here we highlight:

  • .UA is a privileged zone. Only trademark owners can register a domain name in it.
  • .COM.UA is the most popular Ukrainian domain zone. Ukrainian companies choose domains in it.
  • – regional domain zones (,,,, etc.) They register the names of individuals, companies working with the specified region.
  • NewTLD is a group of new, international subject domains. There are clothing, estate, club zones and many others. Each business owner or individual can choose the most appropriate original domain for their website.

You can find more details about the entire list of domain zones and the rules for their registration in the “Select and register a domain” section.

A good domain name should be short.

The domain name should be chosen either by the name of the company or by the line of business. If the name consists of several words, they can be written together, or replace spaces with a dash character. If the budget allows, it is better to register a domain name, both with and without dashes. This will protect you from squatters and competitors.

We do not recommend including more than three words in a domain name. Since some search engines, when searching, position sites better in the name of which there are words from the search, you can choose the domain with the most important keyword.

A good domain name is easy to pronounce and hard to misspelled. This is especially important if you plan to use radio advertising or word of mouth marketing to promote your site. In this case, we advise you to pay attention to the .UKR domain zone. Hearing from a friend the address of the site freehost.ukr, he will immediately be remembered, and there will be no questions about writing it.

When choosing a domain, make sure your competitors don’t have a similar name

When choosing a domain, make sure that the name does not violate the copyrights of third parties. Otherwise, it may result in a request from the trademark owner to remove the domain or transfer the name to him.

Choosing the right domain is not everything. If the budget allows, we recommend registering similar domain names so that competitors or squatters do not do this in the future. For example, having registered a domain, you should also think about purchasing a domain if your company is located in Kyiv

To sum up

In addition, you can use different names for different types of advertising, as well as for certain types of products. For example, specifically for advertising on television and radio, you can use Cyrillic names, and for promotion on the Internet, general Latin.

In the future, all names can be easily attached to one site or even a section of the site.


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