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The profession of plumber-heating engineer in a nutshell

Plumber profession

An expert in pipeline installations, the plumber-heating engineer intervenes in different situations:

  • Troubleshooting and repairs
  • New installations in the case of construction or renovation
  • The replacement of existing installations
  • He installs, renovates or repairs both for individuals and companies. He can also, if he wishes, respond to calls for tenders in the context of public contracts.

The plumber-heating engineer is also a versatile professional. Hands-on, he may have skills in masonry and electricity. Install a wide variety of equipment such as radiators, boilers or water heaters running on gas, fuel oil, coal, wood or solar. It is also to him that we will call for the maintenance or the installation of sanitary equipment.

What are the responsibilities of a plumber?

A regulated profession
To work as a plumber, you must have one of the following qualifications:

Diploma or title of equal or higher level approved or registered.  When issued in the national directory of professional certifications  and issued for the exercise of the profession.

You can also practice without a diploma but, in this case, if you wish to set up on your own, you will need to prove a minimum of 3 years’ experience in the field.

Take out insurance:

As a building professional, you will be required to take out two types of insurance:

professional civil liability: this occurs when damage is observed by a third party and caused in the context of your professional activity and your services.
ten-year insurance or guarantee: it covers the repair of damage that may affect a structure, up to 10 years after the official end of the work. For Plumbing or HVAC Services in Abernathy

Insurance (which we recommend) thus offers a ten-year guarantee and RC Pro insurance specially designed for self-employed people. It covers in particular the plumbing activity. Feel free to request a quote online( plumber-heating ). It’s free

Other obligations:

Also remember that you will need to:

  • Announce your prices before the work is carried out
  • Send an estimate for any service exceeding €150
  • Provide an invoice to your customer
  • Respect the standards in force, in particular if you carry out sanitary plumbing work

What qualities should a plumber have?

In addition to his professional skills and knowledge, the plumber must also possess certain personal qualities to exercise and succeed in self-employment:

Show flexibility and organization:

large projects can sometimes be interspersed with smaller interventions that need to be carried out quickly. Learning to adapt to the diversity of demands is essential.

Demonstrate good interpersonal skills and effective and pleasant communication:

customer loyalty and your reputation are at stake. Clearly explaining where the problem came from, how you solved it and giving advice to avoid a recurrence are essential phases in order to hope to be called back and recommended to those around you.
be available: interventions can take place at any time of the day and sometimes unforeseen.

Our advice for success as a self-employed plumber:

1 – Get the Certification:

If it is certainly expensive, this label can however allow you to win certain contracts that you could not honor without it. Hire a local plumber

2 – Find good partners:

To get started, nothing better than establishing partnerships with other professionals. This may allow you to work with them or be recommended to their clients when needed. Be careful, however, to ensure the quality of the services of your partners( plumber-heating ).

Think about other plumbers too! You may thus be able to share on-call duty to respond to urgent requests on evenings and weekends or delegate during your holidays to have a calmer pace of life.

3 – Communicate about your Services:

A website, a flyer or a simple listing in the directories, consider taking care of your local communication to put your business forward. If this phase of canvassing can be long, it is however necessary to succeed in establishing yourself in your geographical area.

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