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Businesses trying to compete with the other companies in this competitive business environment typically face problems with their online marketing strategy, explicitly choosing which method they should concentrate on. Many websites offer traffic, and most aren’t sure which particular source. It will suit their specific business model and yield good outcomes().

There are many business owners, especially those who run small and medium-sized enterprises, don’t have the advertising and marketing capabilities. The large multinational corporations do and will naturally choose an option that would cost them the lowest amount. Most of the opt for the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) choice, believing that it comes with a “free” cost attached to it. But is SEO beneficial for your company? Do you think it is worth spending your time and money?

Suppose you want to be able to make an informed decision on whether you’ll be focusing on SEO as your primary digital marketing strategy. In that case, it is recommended to consider all the pros and pros first. Digital Marketing Agency Toronto presents this comprehensive look at the benefits and drawbacks of SEO. The serves as an aid to business owners to make an educated decision regarding their digital marketing campaigns.


1. SEO Delivers A Continuous Flow Of Free And Targeted Traffic

Have you ever thought about what number of searches are conducted on Google monthly, annual or daily basis? According to sources, Performed over 2.2 trillion searches on this search engine during 2013. That’s about 5,922,000,000 searches every day. SEO can assist you in tapping into this huge source of continuous targeted and free traffic.

“Free” in that you don’t pay for traffic or traffic generation as users pay for advertising channels, such as PPC advertising with Google AdWords. The cost of your services will be significantly reduced when you do other SEO tasks, such as linking and content creation.

2. SEO Gives Your Business Exposure To People Who Are Looking For A Solution

One of the primary reasons people use the Internet, especially search engines such as Google, is to locate the solution to a current problem, issue, or worry. When they are looking for an answer, users visit various websites on the Internet, 70% of which come with natural results from search engines. Suppose the SERPs (Search Search Engine Results Pages) are displayed. As a result, approximately 40% of the users will choose the first results on the results page. 70%-80 per cent of them will not even look at paid advertisements and prefer the organic results.

3. SEO Generates Traffic That Has A Good Chance Of Converting

According to the Search Engine Journal, leads generated through SEO could reach up to a 14.6 per cent close rate, which is significantly higher than the 1.7 per cent. It is close rate you can get through email marketing or print ads. Based on their specific industry, the internet users exhibit different preferences regarding the areas on search results they will most likely click on, which can be a significant factor in conversion.

Industries such as airlines, finance, insurance or broadcast media are likely to have an 81%-93 per cent likelihood of clicking on the first three results. Users in the electronics and computer industry are at 44%, as illustrated in the natural CTRs Vertical graph below. This chart can give you how crucial it is to rank on the SERPs to see many clicks and targeted conversion.

4. SEO Can Help You With Business Growth

The Internet is indeed a vast space. The only way to ensure your business’s survival is to provide a solid online presence through your website and other social media channels. SEO is a crucial factor in ensuring a robust online presence. It allows your company to be seen by approximately 59% of the people using search engines such as Google to find businesses or brands local to them.

If you are not visible online, the people you want to reach won’t be able to find your business. SEO makes sure this does be avoided and will provide your business with a robust online presence that can result in better growth for your business.

5. SEO Sets You Up As An Authority In Your Niche

A well-established presence online and quality content for your website will give you high-rank places based on the keywords. In the search results when you have a good rank and establish yourself as an authoritative figure in your area, building trust with the people you want to reach which will result in a higher likelihood of conversion into sales or leads.


1. SEO Results Will Take Time

SEO’s most apparent negative aspect for your business is the prolonged timeframe to see tangible results from your efforts. The success of digital marketing is not just in creating your website but also in getting an established presence and a stronghold on search engines. Getting your content listed by search engines can take days, hours, and sometimes even weeks. SEO might not be an option if you are looking for immediate outcomes from your campaign.

2. SEO Will Take A Long Time To Get An ROI

If it takes some time to achieve significant outcomes from the SEO efforts, it’s also going to take some time to earn an acceptable Return on Investment (ROI) out of all of your efforts. This is not ideal for small companies that need significant revenue in the short term. They can use as a revolving fund to support their ongoing activities.

3. SEO Will Require A Big Investment For Competitive Niche

If you don’t take care of everything you can in your SEO campaign, such as gaining backlinks and creating material, SEO is not an absolutely “free” online marketing instrument. You will likely find yourself requesting and hiring an external service to create all-natural links and other SEO-related marketing strategies when you want to see significant results from all of your marketing efforts. This is especially true when you’re operating as a marketer in a competitive market.

4. SEO is not a Guarantee of Outcomes (especially 1st-page rankings)

The first page of search results will be among the top goals you’ll need to get through your SEO. Being on the first page is essential. In the search results since 75% of people who search are likely to never go past the first page and ignore the remainder. SEO cannot guarantee that you will appear on the first page of search results based on the keywords you’re looking for.

5. SEO Provides You with No Full Control

No one knows the exact details of Google’s algorithm. What you consider essential to search rankings (and the advice that gurus and other experts are saying) could result in results that aren’t the results you expect. Only Google is aware of this, and therefore only Google is in complete control. There is no way to control the amount of traffic you create and the type of traffic you’ll receive from your SEO efforts. It is entirely different from paid-for marketing, and yield results are comparable to what you spent.

6. Perception of being Penalized

The following chart illustrates the changes that Google has already made to its search algorithm over time. Some of the most famous names like Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird have been introduced. Many digital marketers’ efforts put into their SEO campaigns throughout the years fell apart due to being penalized for the new rules. As a digital marketing professional, it’s tough having everything you’ve worked to earn and building again from scratch, trying to restore your SEO standing.

As previously mentioned, SEO remains the top source of the traffic to many websites. It should continue to be an integral part of your digital marketing plan. The pros and cons listed in this article will provide you with an understanding of how to make the most of using SEO more fully. You will be left with the choice you should emphasize this particular channel or maintain an appropriate equilibrium. It is among SEO and other digital marketing tools, which are all focused on achieving your goals for your company overall.


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