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Things Need to Know About Balayage Hair Extensions

If you feel like trying out a hair change, whether it’s for work, school or a special occasion (like a sleepover), there’s no reason not to do it. Don’t fret if you feel nervous about doing something too drastic—the right hairstyle can be as subtle as you want it to be. Balayage hair extensions are great for creating a more natural look with added dimension and body without feeling too dramatic.

What Are Balayage Hair Extensions?

hair extensions
hair extensions

Before we discuss Halo Couture’s balayage hair extensions, it’s important to understand what balayage is in the first place. The technique involves dyeing strands of hair in two different colors. It gives your strands a unique sweeping effect and leaves them looking more natural-looking than with just one color. To put it simply, Halo Couture’s balayage extensions are similar to clip-in extensions but they’re dyed with highlights instead of just a single shade. They come in 20″ and 24″ lengths as well as 16″ and 20″ lengths. You can choose from four colors—Maldives Highlights, California Blonde, Chestnut Dirty, and Toffee Blonde—for your extensions

Why Wear Balayage Extensions

Hair extension services, including balayage hair extensions, give you the look of naturally long hair without the work of a salon. The extensions blend in with your existing long hair so that it appears longer and fuller than before. Not only do you get additional length and volume to your hair, but you also get highlights. There is no need to spend unnecessary time and money on getting your hairdresser to dye highlights into your hair and dealing with the maintenance that comes after. With balayage clip in hair extensions, you can get instant highlights effortlessly. If you want really voluminous hair with more time available for styling and wearing the extensions, check out our different colors of Balayage Clip-Ins available for purchase today!

Hairstyles To Try With Your Balayage Hair Extensions

The long, voluminous hair that we love to see on models is something that everyone should be able to achieve. There are different kinds of hairstyles that give you a chance to show off your gorgeous balayage locks in an attractive way. Here are a few awesome hairstyles for you to try out!

1. Waves Hairstyles

Tight waves and S waves give off a more on-point vibe. This look is ideal for sporting events or watching pop music concerts because it’s perfect for when you want to look on-point while maintaining your youthful appearance.

2. Half-Up Pony

To make your balayage hair color pop even more, tie it up into a half-up ponytail. This will give you a two-toned look and make your hairstyle even more stylish. You can go the extra mile by adding curls using our Cosmo Curling Wand. It’s a simple yet surefire way to look great regardless of what you are wearing.

3. Low Pony Waves

Let your hair down and show off your natural beauty when wearing it in a low ponytail. This is a great look for online classes, virtual meetings, and other work-from-home setups.

Styling Your Hair With Balayage Hair Extensions

When you need to look stylish and confident for work, elegant and stunning for a formal event, or laidback and carefree for a fun day out, we have the perfect tape extensions balayage for you. Our Halo Couture Balayage hair extensions guarantee that you can be fashionably ready for anything! Check out our blog to get more tips on how to choose the right extension if you’re still unsure!

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