Things To Be Considered While Purchasing A Cricket Kit

Cricket Mega Mart talks about the things that players must think of while buying a new cricket kit for themselves.

This could help them get the best accessories and products across multiple ranges. We have put forward the real-life factors and discussed them briefly to solve all your queries.

Let us Begin with a short intro.

What is a Cricket Kit?

A cricket kit is a set of protective clothing worn by the members of the fielding side in the game of cricket.

The things that come with a youth Cricket Kit are Cricket Helmets, Wicket Keeping Gloves, Cricket Leather Ball, Cricket Shoes Spike, Knee Pads, and more.

These kits have been around for centuries and have evolved through time with technology and performance requirements.

Main Equipment of a Cricket Kit

Helmets: The helmet is an essential part of the game. It protects the cricketer from any injury and provides security to their head and neck.

Leather Ball: The ball is used as a piece of equipment in Cricket and it is not allowed to be hit with anything other than this ball or with hand gloves.

Cricket Shoes Spike: These spikes are used in order to help the players avoid slipping on the wet ground during play.

Bat: The bat is used in order to hit the ball and help score runs.

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6 Important Things To Keep In Mind While Buying a Cricket Kit

It is always important to consider the best cricket kit for you. This is because you need to make sure that the kit is comfortable and of good quality. Moreover, it needs to be durable and easy to clean.

The following are some things that you need to consider while purchasing a cricket kit: –

  • Size of the cricket kit

It is important to know what size cricket kit you are looking for.

A normal-sized cricket kit will be for a player who is 5’4″ and under, a medium-sized will be for a player who is 5’5″ to 6′, large size will be for players who are more than 6′.

  • The material used

You have the option of buying a quality cricket kit or you can buy an affordable cricket kit that is less costly.

You also need to decide how long and hard you want your kit to last. An expensive cricket kit will last longer than a budget one.

  • Color of cricket kit

You must go with the color you like. This will not only attract you to playing games but also make things more interesting to play with.

  • Cost of the Youth cricket kit

It is important to decide what price range you are looking for. You can go with a budget range or with an expensive range depending on your budget and how much you want your cricket kit to cost.

  • Compare The Brands

As we know, there are numerous brands present on market. Each of them has its own strategies and varieties. In these cases, this might be difficult for players where to purchase.

They must look for the quality and pricing first and compare them with different brands. This will let them obtain the best match convenient to them.

  • Warranty Period

Look for kits having a long warranty period. This will help you in case the cricket accessories get damaged and you need to repair them.

Buying A Cricket Kit in Today’s World

Buying cricket gear is not as easy as it used to be. The online market has made it harder for players to select among multiple categories and brands.

They offer competitive rates and more customer service than traditional stores.

However, online marketers are here to help people find what they need with ease.

They make sure that you get your product in time, so you do not have to wait for days or weeks for it to arrive from overseas.

Where to Look? A Solution For You! Cricket Mega Mart

The Cricket Mega Mart comes with a great solution for all the players. We have all the things related to cricket accessories available at the same place.

We are also offering favorable discounts on our product ranges. Let us have a look at our given cricket equipment one by one.

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Our Product Range: –

  • Bats

English Willow Bats

Kashmir Willow Bats

  • Balls

Leather Balls

Tennis Balls

  • Batting Equipment

Abdominal Guard

Arm Guard

Batting Gloves

Batting Pads

Chest Guard

Thigh Guard

  • For Boys/ Youth



Batting Gloves

Batting Pads


Youth Ball


  • Kit Bags

Duffle Kit Bag

Wheeles Kit Bag

  • Wicket Keeping

Wicket Keeping Gloves

Wicket Keeping Pads

Conclusion – Follow the things discussed above & Buy the Right Cricket Gear for you!

We conclude with a list of things told in the previous section that you should consider before buying a cricket kit.

This post is meant for all those who are looking forward to purchasing their first or next cricket kit and want some guidance on how they can find the right one for themselves.

We also provide an overview of the different types of cricket kits that are available in the market and what makes them special.

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