Things You Should Keep in Mind Before Going for an MOT Test

The MOT test (Ministry of Transport, or simply MOT) is a yearly quiz on car security, legality aspects and consumption productions necessary in the United Kingdom for maximum means of transportation over three years old.

Does My Vehicle Want An MOT?

When your car has three years old, you are lawfully indulged in having an MOT, but if you fight to recall when it’s owing, you can sign up for government reminders by email or messages.

Deprived of a lawful MOT, your car is spontaneously measured, not safe, you won’t be capable of repeating your car assurance, and so you are not lawfully capable of driving it.

The van MOT test confirms that your car meets the lowest satisfactory environmental and road protection criteria.

What Effort Is Carried Out In An MOT?

The MOT does not straight cover the state of the engine, clutch or gearbox but does see other key elements.

The MOT tester will examine the body structure and condition, confirming that it’s free from extreme harm.


According to the MOT test, there are three satisfactory rear-view mirror places.

Signal Lights

A fault signal on your control panel shouldn’t be ignored but will also be selected up in the test and could cause the car to be unsuccessful. So, to avoid it becoming a potentially insecure problem, it’s workable to get the problem fixed by an expert mechanic as soon as possible.


It’s vital that your car has the precise tread depth through the whole breadth of each of its tires because, if they are too low or the tread is partly damaged away, it will distress your security and the car’s ending distance, mainly in wet climate.


All the lights on your car must be employed properly, even the bulbs helpful the number plate, so check them all, containing the state of the lenses. Inspecting the brake lights is not stress-free. It makes life more convenient if you get somebody to support you. Headlight alignment is also the portion of the test, so if in distrust, get an expert mechanic to check and, if essential, rearrange the alignment before the test.

Brake Liquid

With the car parked carefully on a plane area, with a cool engine, open the bonnet and point to the master cylinder tank. You’ll see the minimum and maximum markings on the side, and the liquid within the container wants to be amongst these two orders.

Engine Oil

before taking your car for an MOT, check the engine oil level because if it’s too less, the garage will not be capable of running the machine and testing its consumer productions, which means it will be unsuccessful.

Windscreen And Wiper Blades 

Windscreens can be a problem because many results will pass an MOT, whilst others won’t.

As extended as a scratch is not more than 10mm in size or diameter and is not frustrating the driver’s vision of the windscreen, or if the scratch is no larger than 40mm on the rest of the windscreen, you must be all right. These scratches contain damages, cracks or significant scratches, but if in doubt, acquire it checked by an expert.

Whilst you’re testing your windscreen, don’t be unable to recall to check that your lining tank has sufficient liquid in it and that your wiper blades, containing the rear, are in decent functioning order, making sure the gum in contact with the glass is still flexible and not damaged.

The Siren

Perhaps the fastest and at ease test to do, and the probabilities are that you’d previously be alert of it and would have had it stable if it didn’t have effort. 


This may appear pointless, but it’s a good impression to clean your car before taking it for your pre-MOT test. Though your car will not be unsuccessful in its MOT if it’s slight on the dull side, you want to confirm that number plates are dirt-free, so they are stress-free to speak, and that the efficiency of your lights is not held up by dust on their lenses, so keeping it hygienic makes sense.


Though the need for an MOT may help as the one cue that you have to test assured parts of your cars, to benefit retain its security and maximize their effectiveness.

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