Three Factors that Affect the Performance of Industrial Nuts and Bolts Adversely

Bolts and nuts made and supplied by the leading nut and bolt manufacturers in Turkey are the most common types of fasteners used to connect two or more things, mechanically. They use in almost all types of industries including manufacturing, construction, acidic, and chemical. No assembly in any industry imagine without using fasteners. However, while choosing fasteners for industrial or commercial applications, you must be very careful because nuts and bolts are considered to be the basic element of any formation.


There are a large number of factors that can have an adverse effect on the sufficiency of the fasteners (nuts and bolts). This article sheds light on some of such factors in the following points:


  • Temperature

Many industries including the manufacturing ones make use of heavy-duty tools and machines that generate high temperatures during operations. Under these conditions, only the nuts and bolts manufacture by any leading nut and bolt manufacturers in Turkey with proper heat treatment can withstand the challenge. When low-quality fasteners apply to any high heat generating tool or equipment, the chances of failure get double. 


Made and supplied by the leading nut bolt manufacturing company in India, nuts, and bolts are very sensitive to temperature. Some industries make use of heavy-duty machining setup that creates heat up to extreme limits. No substandard quality nuts and bolts can withstand such a high temperature. Therefore, it is necessary to be particular about the heat tolerance capacity of the nuts and bolts you are going to buy.  


Even a slight change in the temperature-related conditions can be the cause of untimely corrosion and complete failure. On the other hand, well-treated for heat absorption and tolerance, the high-quality fasteners can resist even the most extreme temperatures without getting affected even a little bit. 


  • Concentration of acid

Acids or any other chemical with acidic properties always prove to be very harmful as well as reactive after coming into close contact with any metal. When the fasteners made and supplied by the best nuts manufacturers company fix at joints, there is always a possibility of acid generation. This condition avoids by applying proper lubrication to acid-prone areas. Although almost all types of applications can develop such symptoms, the nuts and bolts used in the chemical industry are more prone to develop such conditions. 


The concentration of acids plays a crucial role in the operational efficiency of any nuts and bolts made and supplied by the nuts and bolts manufacturers. Acids have a natural tendency to react with all types of metals. After getting affect by acidic chemicals, nuts and bolts get weaker in performance and can be the cause of the sudden collapse of any structure. Therefore, while buying nuts and bolts for installation in the chemical industry, their capacity to tolerate acids consider.  



  • Corrosion

The high-temperature conditions under which most nuts and bolts manufacture and supplied by the leading nut and bolt manufacturers in Turkey install have high corrosiveness. Generally, there are 3 types of corrosions occurring in the industrial setups-


  1. General
  2. Galvanic, and
  3. Caustic Agent Corrosion. 

To combat the situation, you need to choose nuts and bolts that will treat all such corrosions and rusting. You need to check whether the fasteners you are going to buy can withstand all these 3 types of corrosion. Corrosion resistance is one of the most important aspects associate with industrial nuts and bolts and the best nuts manufacturers company always treats them the same. 

Concluding Remarks 


Super Screws is one of the leading nut and bolt manufacturers in Turkey offering a wide range of premium quality nuts and bolts for applications across industries. The company is capable of conducting chemical analysis by wet method and macro and micro examination of samples to ensure high-quality levels in all products. Currently, the company is offering 6000+ products – the widest variety available in the market. 

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