TikTok Marketing Strategies

Marketing Strategies

TikTok Marketing Strategies

Summer is nearly here! It’s time to take any other examine your advertising techniques and tweak them to in shape the wishes of the maximum interesting season of the year. What higher manner to do that than thru TikTok?

In only some years, TikTok has quick emerge as the hub for a huge variety of customers with various pursuits and keeps to tug in a robust worldwide target target market from specific demographics. Many manufacturers that when neglected TikTok developments at the moment are reassessing their advertising techniques and discover ways to leverage the app for his or her benefit.

Here are a number of the best, maximum focused TikTok advertising techniques which can assist get you in the front of the proper oldsters this summer time season.

Before we get started, allow’s examine a few thrilling TikTok data:

  • TikTok has been downloaded over three billion instances seeing that its release in 2016
  • About 53% of American TikTok customers are over 30 years old
  • 30% of American TikTok customers decide upon the platform for video content material in comparison to Youtube and different streaming platforms.
  • 90% of TikTok customers get at the app everyday

These numbers display which you want to take benefit of TikTok advertising now to your summer time season income and beyond. Many viral moments on TikTok are accidental. If you’re fortunate to get one, you could create a robust and lasting emblem presence off it. Here’s a way to do it:

  1. Get to Know the App

You shouldn’t technique TikTok advertising the equal manner you do Facebook, Instagram or different social media channels. TikTok is uniquely spontaneous. Take a while to get sucked into the platform and try and study what the fashion is approximately. Learn approximately the specific filters and effects, the trending sounds, duets, challenges (mainly people with branded hashtags), and spot how customers have interaction with all of the features.

Getting to recognize the app and turning into captivated with it’s going to educate you the platform’s language and provide you with perception into how the TikTok set of rules works and what customers need to see.

TikTok also can assist humanize your emblem. Crocs, Chipotle, Louis Vutton, Omsom and Sweetgreen, for example, provide their manufacturers a visible persona that the target target market can experience and join with.

Whether you control a way of life or frame nice style emblem, the proper TikTok content material can carry your target target market toward you. Audiences can inform while a emblem is simply looking to escape with badly produced content material, even on TikTok. One of our favourite manufacturers, Summersalt, released a fantastic marketing campaign the usage of the tagline “anybody is a Summersalt frame.” It indicates a various variety of fashions displaying off their swimwear. It feels actual but polished. The lighting fixtures is fantastic, and there may be considerate interest to color.

Pay interest and genuinely immerse your self withinside the app – this may provide you with an real voice that your target target market will apprehend and agree with.

  1. Define and Know Your Target Audience

Like nearly each social media channel, growing a TikTok account to your commercial enterprise whilst you do not have in-intensity know-how of your target target market is like capturing blanks. It may be a recipe for catastrophe and wasted resources. The handiest manner to genuinely get effects from TikTok advertising – like this one from Sweetgreen collecting almost 28K perspectives – is to recognize and apprehend your target target market. Get to recognize their wishes, goals, what they need to see, and what they do not resonate with.

While many oldsters expect TikTok is all GenZ customers, the age variety of TikTok customers maintains growing, making it superb for a huge demographic. Make certain now no longer to restriction your self with any preconceptions. Even in case your favored target target market is hardly ever on TikTok, hold an eye fixed out for brand new and sudden audiences.

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Various TikTok #subcultures awareness on particular niches in specific industries. Find the network that relates in your emblem and leverage the target target market to your summer time season advertising techniques. Subculture advertising, for example, offers your approach the personalized touch it wishes to make an enduring effect in your target target market.

Financial literacy manufacturers like Ellevest are doing a fantastic task attractive more youthful demographics and connecting with urgent troubles like helping Black ladies owned businesses.

Quick Hack:

Try specific varieties of content material and spot what your target target market connects with. Take notice of the remarks and spot what questions they ask and the type of content material they need to see. This will assist you 0 in on their wishes and develop your account. Now, you could brainstorm thoughts and plan a content material approach across the target target market’s wishes.

OK, again to the unique motive of this story: what to do on TikTok this summer time season! While we manifestly paintings year-round, humans partner summer time season with fun, relaxation, or even time without work paintings and school. Your TikTok content material ought to mirror this.

Start via way of means of the usage of hashtags that get humans excited for what your emblem has in keep for the season. If you are giving out 20% off reductions on all merchandise, your video hashtags ought to appearance like #Summer2022sales or #SummerSales20%. It ought to usually encompass your emblem name.

We noted Crocs earlier – this publish is a fantastic example. Since TikTok lets in handiest a hundred characters for captions, robust hashtags like those are a fantastic manner to concisely seize your message.

With TikTok, it may be a numbers game. It’s clean for motion pictures to get only a few perspectives and now no longer even make it in your feed. Make a number of motion pictures that get your target target market enthusiastic about your emblem’s summer time season gives. This TikTok posting calendar for summer time season is a fantastic place to begin to assist generate thoughts. Don’t overlook to apply trending sounds and fantastic captions that spotlight your summer time season gives and hold it lighthearted and fun.

  1. Engage Your Audience

The TikTok target target market is extraordinarily vocal. They will proportion their pride or issues approximately any service or product with a couple of motion pictures till they experience visible and heard. As a emblem, you could take benefit of this for the summer time season. Look out for customers making motion pictures approximately your emblem and duet them – like this publish from Nandos – or attain out to them for a collaboration.

You ought to additionally make the effort to answer to remarks approximately services or products and insert your upcoming summer time season reductions into the conversation. But ensure to do it in a manner that feels real so it does not stumble upon as spammy or insincere. TikTok additionally helps you to reply to remarks with a video as a manner to growth visibility, so that you ought to take benefit of this to create extra useful content material.

You also can make TikTok #POV motion pictures to power a conversation. A POV video is an imaginary situation which you create and allow your target target market partake in. For example, your summer time season advertising POV video caption may be some thing like “POV, you operate our Summer2022 bargain simply earlier than the clock moves 12.” Your video ought to then be a person dancing or rejoicing, ideally to a trending sound. Your target target market will at once experience like they’re dwelling that experience, growing their hobby for your income.

  1. Working with Influencers

You also can get the phrase out via way of means of participating with famous TikTok influencers to attain a much wider target target market. Most TikTok influencers have a large (or hyper-focused “micro-influencer”) target target market who agree with their pointers and opinions. You can leverage this to focus on your emblem for the summer time season. Do your studies and discover influencers for your niche, so the campaigns experience herbal and now no longer out of place. You also can use a TikTok calculator to get an concept of the way lots you’ll be spending on influencer collaboration.

  1. Make Tutorial Videos and Repost Reviews

This is an underrated however very powerful TikTok advertising approach. Tutorial motion pictures are crucial while pushing a service or product to an target target market. It gives extra facts approximately the product in a concise, step-via way of means of-step manner.

If you’ve got got a internet site to your emblem, you could make an instructional video displaying your target target market a way to pick out a product, follow the summer time season bargain codes and take a look at out easily. If you’re promoting a product like skin care or children furniture, academic motion pictures on a way to use or gather your merchandise will enhance your TikTok advertising marketing campaign.


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