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Tips For Collaborating With Brands On Instagram

In our collaborative guidebook, we talked about how interacting with other types of social media can be a solid business strategy. In this article, we will do it in advance and show you how to make your first Instagram relationship happen.

To help you get inspired in addition, we share some of our favorite Instagram dating ideas.

Let’s get started!

Some amazing tips to get started with Instagram collaborations

To make your first Instagram interaction successful, preparation is key. You need to make sure that you complete each step of the process.

We will smash everything from planning to race.

Step 1: Find someone you want to work with

Successful social media marketing starts with finding the right partners – so the first step is to start finding potential partners and brands.

Start with a hot list of what about 20 potential partners can do. The goal here is to choose a partner who fills your brand. You will reduce the list later when you review it, but now you want to put as many ideas in the book as possible.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when compiling your shortlist:

Audience / market focus is similar

Collaborating on Instagram allows you to manage your audience by expanding your reach. Therefore, you need to make sure that your audience is the same.

Purpose of ordinary marketing

An effective emotional relationship will benefit both parties. Find brand partners who may have similar business objectives. This is the best way to let them join you.

Products or services added

You do not want your partners to compete directly with you, so look for a brand that offers a product or service that supports you. For example, if you are a seller of sunglasses, this type of swimsuit can be a good choice because it is easy to see how the two products match.

Number of followers

Ideally, your partner will have an Instagram next to your own size. This makes it clear that both genres benefit one of their audiences. If they have 10,000 more disciples than you do, they probably do not want to cooperate.

Check with your partner

Once you have received your listing, you should check if it fits. Try to choose a partner who will meet all of these criteria:

  • Does this brand / affected person have the type / beauty on my Instagram list?
  • Do they have the same number of followers as I do?
  • Do their posts bring good links?
  • Is their brand image something I want to associate with?
  • Their focus the same as mine?
  • Didn’t they compete with me right away?

This list applies to all businesses even if you are a protective mask manufacturer

Step 2: Contact them

Now that you know who your coworkers are, it is time to contact them. Each model is different and has an interesting communication system. Your first step is to check the Instagram bio on their website contact page. If they have already identified their preferred contact path, take the initiative from there.

If not, it is better to first contact via email than Instagram DM. At the end of the day, you are still interacting with business people, so you should associate with professionals – email is the best way. You should be able to find the email address on their website or social media page – if not, you can always use one of these methods.

The first email you give them is a “water test” to see if they like working together. I suggest you ask something like “Have you ever worked with a brand to promote [add product / service]?”

You should also introduce who you are and explain your brand and why you want to approach them directly. It does not hurt to praise her.

If they say yes, follow through and ask if they would like to work together.

Hope your list has some election officials and all potential candidates can be sent an email. Some of them may not respond – fine.

Step 3: Create your Instagram social deal

Once you have found your Instagram partner, it is time to set up an agreement. It is important to have clear expectations about how this campaign will go about producing a formal agreement.

Make sure that you both know the following:

  • You need to promote the products
  • What kind of promotion will your partner’s run and how often?
  • What will the compensation be (i.e. cash, shoutout, free product, etc.)?
  • Anticipated results
  • Duration of the campaign

Along with other details you think is important.

Step 4: Execute the campaign

Now is the exciting part – doing the event. Make sure all the necessary preparations are made before you start.

For example, if your partners are going to help you run a business using a discount, you will need to prepare a special discount code.

If you are going to add a photo of your fellow product to your list, you will want to edit the photo ahead of time.

It is important to keep in touch during the program to ensure that both parties are comfortable as things go.

Step 5: Measure results with ROI

Finally, it is time to measure your results. You need to set goals and understand success as before launching a campaign.

Examine your key performance indicators and determine if you are hitting your goals. Has the number of followers increased? Has your engagement increased? How many clicks does your campaign generate?

If your results are not as good as you expected, try to identify the problem and use that to inform your next ad.

Get over to Instagram

Taking over Instagram is when a type or performer takes over your Instagram feed every day, as a guest on a radio station.

In exchange, you can capture both. In this way, your two brands can reach your other followers and expand your reach.


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