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Tips to Get ROI for Real Estate Investors


Today’s Dubai property market surprises investors of all ages with its sudden rises and downs. While the profits are appreciated, significant losses can be avoided or, at minimum, masked with a more accurate ROI estimation. The latest developments in Dubai also provide high-return on investment, such as the Six Senses Dubai branded Residences(real estate).

With a little knowledge and understanding, you will achieve a better ROI with asset divergence that will help your financial portfolio and increase your profit. These are the most effective and essential ways to increase the ROI of your real estate venture.

The property market in Dubai was hit with the same loss as other markets around the world in 2020 because of the pandemic that struck the world. After a brief break, it’s getting back to normal and is aiming to build a solid rebound.

Why should you invest in Dubai?

The most sought-after tourist and commercial destination around the globe, Dubai offers world-class attractions and a thriving multicultural culture that is not found anywhere else in the world.

With its world-renowned skyline and top real estate spots such as Business Bay and Dubai land, Dubai has been named the city with the top infrastructure and the highest standard of living in the Middle East.

Despite the booming growth of visitors in the best community in Dubai, it’s one of the most secure cities around the globe.

The city is famous for attracting people from all over the world. It is home to many international Fortune 500 companies that have chosen a strategically located location that allows them to reach markets throughout the Middle East, Africa, and the Indian subcontinent region.

Here are some tips for real property investors in Dubai that will ensure a high ROI.

Make it ready to be Rented-

Your property must be in good condition to rent by responsible landlords. Improve your property’s condition by renovating it or replacing damaged areas.

It is impossible to rent out an unclean property in good condition because it can lower the return on investment and make it difficult for tenants to stay. Replace the carpets, put fresh paint on the walls, and change the appliances.

When these changes are in place, you’ll be able to attract the attention of potential investors and responsible tenants, which will ensure an increased ROI over time. Furthermore, the duration of renting your home will reduce as well, meaning you can begin earning yields in a short time.

Utilize Tools to Predict High ROI Points-

Calculating and performing the math can help your property sell for more than the market average. Utilize an online adder to calculate rental income and the cap rate. Examining current market trends is another method to determine the market’s position.

This is an area where this calculator can assist you in assessing the return on investment for a specific property. If you are unsure of your understanding, get an agent for real estate and meet with your financial advisor to gain greater insight into the substantial number of numbers and the revenue margins.

New residential developments in Dubai have high ROI to draw investors from all over the world. For instance, the Six Senses Dubai branded Residence includes penthouses, villas, and signature villas offering luxury living.

Keep Your Property Clean-

While repairing and renovating your property’s exterior and interior surfaces is vital, you must also make regular inspections to ensure the condition of your property.

Naturally, an unmaintained property immediately attracts interest and can earn a better ROI. If you don’t keep your property in good condition, you’ll be paying a more fantastic repair and renovation cost, eventually impacting your ROI. Instead, you should conduct regular inspections and keep an eye on your property’s condition to avoid paying many repair costs. Also, this will keep your tenants pleased and content.

Marketing Your Property-

If your home is well-maintained and is ready for hire, prospective tenants could not be aware of the opportunity if you don’t advertise the property. In the current market of low-cost advertising, your home is crucial in helping your business grow and making your brand more visible.

If you implement effective marketing strategies, you can draw attention to better applications and create a more informed choice. Before putting your property up on a site, look at and connect the websites. Examine the marketing strategies, the reach of advertising for each website, and how it attracts visitors.

Find responsible tenants-

The way that your tenants treat the property will also affect its worth in the future. If you intend to sell your home shortly, Find responsible and trustworthy tenants who will keep it in good condition for a long time.

By implementing other strategies, you will surely draw many qualified tenants, allowing you to select a few of them. Verifying your tenants and ensuring they are safe from trouble is essential because recurring damage can cause a loss for the entire property.

Verify their rent history, employment history, criminal history, employment status, and financial situation in the screening process.

Research is the key-

If you’re not conducting thorough research, you will not succeed in the real estate industry, especially in a modern metropolis like Dubai. It is among the most important aspects of being a successful real estate investor.

The amount of study necessary to determine the field is mentioned enough. But, there are many additional factors to consider before deciding whether you want to invest in the market.

For example, you must be aware of the kind of property suitable for real estate investors, which requires a thorough study. Understanding market developments also require the investor to conduct extensive research before purchasing.

Be aware of where you spend your money-

Your ROI could rise to more than 10 per cent if you invest your money in the right place. Research properties before investing your cash into projects.

If you can, speak to an expert in financial planning who is well-versed in the property market and knowledgeable of the current market conditions.

Follow these guidelines every time you consider investing to gain more ROI. However, be wary of hidden risks and loopholes to ensure you don’t lose money. Dubai attracts international investors because of its latest developments in real estate, and one of the most popular projects currently has to be Six Senses Dubai.

Strategically increase rent-

Make sure you price your rental property by the market conditions and competition. Maximizing the rental yield the most can occasionally be detrimental to owners of properties.

Renters typically seek cheaper rental options in the vicinity, but that doesn’t mean that raising the rent strategically isn’t needed. If the home isn’t being rented because the landlord wants more than he needs and the property is not rented, then there’s a possibility of loss and a monthly rental.

The property’s prices should be reasonably rented and in line with the market. In addition, the value of the property is higher than the rental of a new property, so you can guarantee an immediate rental of the property.

This will surely improve the return on investment of the property. If the property is maintained and is well-equipped with the essential attributes, the tenants will remain longer.


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Follow these guidelines whenever you consider investing to earn an increase in return. But, at the same time, be aware of potential loopholes and risks to avoid a loss. Determine your investment goals when making the necessary calculations and plan your purchasing requirements in line with your goals.

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