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Tips to make the most of your trip to Las Vegas

Las Vegas Trip

Now that you’ve seen everything about what summer is like in Las Vegas, a cool tip that makes a difference on your trip is to choose your hotel’s location well and stay at a cool casino hotel. The big hotels are the main tourist attractions in the city and that’s where you’ll spend most of your time, so go ahead and book a really nice hotel on the Strip.

If you want, check out our article on where to stay in Las Vegas, which has tips on the best regions to stay there and how to get a great top hotel for a great price (and find great hotels on sale).

Another cool tip for those going to Vegas is that the malls, outlets, hotels, restaurants, tourist attractions and many other attractions are quite far away, and to enjoy your trip much more, being able to visit all the places and shop with peace of mind is not to leave to rent a car. Not to mention that with a car you can go to the Grand Canyon or discover California, which is close by.

See our article on how to rent a car in Las Vegas with tips on how to rent a great car at an incredible price, excellent price comparators, necessary documents and everything you need to know about the subject. It’s much cheaper than people think, the hotels and casinos have free parking and it’s really worth it. Travel Songs you should Listen

 Stroll along The Strip and go to The Linq in Las Vegas:

In addition to going to the themed hotels, it is also worth walking along The Strip Avenue to see incredible shows and discover other attractions. On this avenue is The Linq complex, which has several restaurants, shops and entertainment options, including the High Roller, the largest Ferris wheel in the world.

Stroll on Freemont Street in Las Vegas:

Another must-see tour tip to do in the summer is on the lively Freemont Street. On this street, you will find hotels that carry an important historical value to the city, as well as attractions that draw attention. Freemont has a huge LED ceiling, with animations, casinos, shops, good restaurants and much more.

Summer Events in Las Vegas
Greek Food Festival (September): Greek food festival that lasts 4 days and usually takes place in a church in downtown Las Vegas. This event celebrates Greek culture and, of course, Greek cuisine. In addition to the food, it features dances by Greek groups and souvenir stalls.
Pacific Islands Festival (September): is held in honor of the islands of the Pacific. At this event, many people celebrate their culture with dance shows, clothing boutiques, typical food fairs and lots of fun.
EDC – Electric Daisy Carnival (September): the biggest electronic festival in the Americas. It takes place near the Las Vegas Strip.
iHeart Festival (September): this festival is organized by the radio station of the same name and usually takes place at the end of September, lasting 2 days. It brings together great names in music, from different genres.
Las Vegas 51s Baseball Tournament (September):

The Las Vegas Aviators, formerly known as the Las Vegas 51s, is a Triple-A West Minor League baseball team. The matches are very lively.

  • Summer Holidays in Las Vegas
  • Second Thursday after Pentecost: Corpus Christi
  • 06/14: Flag Day, Flag Day
  • Third Sunday in June: Father’s Day
  • 04/07: Independence Day of the United States, Independence Day
  • 03/09: Labor Day, Labor Day
  • 9/11: Patriot Day, Patriot Day

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