Top 10 Benefits of Cloud Migration

Benefits of Cloud Migration

..If you’re moving files and applications to the cloud it is important to utilize cloud backup services that will best suit the requirements of your business to ensure that your move goes as smoothly as you can. To ensure that you are getting the most benefit of cloud services after you have it’s been migrated. Also that you’re reaping all the benefits from the cloud as you can(Cloud Migration).

With this in mind Here are 10 things your cloud migration provider must provide. Ensure your cloud migration goes swift smooth and easy, as well as giving you the greatest benefits of cloud computing.

  • Faster Deployment Times

Moving to cloud computing means you will be able to implement your services and apps quicker. A lot of cloud services allow to swiftly deploy servers, as well as additional resources in just a few steps. This is a less complicated process than purchasing servers, installing in the required operating system. Later putting it in the network or data center.

Source: Edwin Schouten, Cloud Services Leader for IBM Global Technology Services, Benelux region

  • Enhanced Security Features

The majority of cloud providers manage certain of the more difficult security issues, including blocking any unwanted traffic that is outside of the scope of access to the computers that your data and applications are stored and making sure that automatic security updates are installed on their systems to avoid being exposed to the most current recognized security vulnerabilities.

Be aware, however that you’ll require security guidelines in place at your company’s end for mobile devices, including keeping the devices safe, ensuring that employees don’t share the passwords of their devices or any other confidential data to anyone else etc.

  • Less Infrastructure Complexity

Cloud systems tend to strip away the layers of infrastructure which is used to supply new devices and let them work in tandem to offer the required services. Instead, you’re in a position to provide details about what you require and then start the services you require. This could reduce a significant amount of time as the particular difficulties are not an element of your workflow.

  • Built-in Status Monitoring

Cloud services offer monitoring to be informed when an application or device is experiencing issues or is experiencing an issue. This, naturally could make a huge difference in the amount of time compared to monitoring the status of your service by yourself.

  • Automatic Backup and Logging of Key Metrics

As with monitoring Logging and backup services are vital, especially when you have to conduct the recovery process following an outage and discover what went wrong. Backups can help you to get your system up and running once more while the logs could give you crucial information that will help you figure out the root of the issue initially.

  • A “Single Pane of Glass” for Services

A cloud-based service that is reliable can allow all of these functions to appear to be presented as the lens of a “single piece of glass”. So, the deployment of workloads monitoring, deployment, and mobility can be managed from one location, rather than needing to use different applications that do not necessarily have a common interface for users.

  • Greater Flexibility and Collaboration for Staff

Cloud services offers automatic installation and system updating, and fixing any other issue. This makes it a much more flexible option compared to the requirement to be on-site. Furthermore, the consistency of the deployment and provisioning processes cloud-based services provide will make it easier to work together, since everyone is in the same place, with no shadow IT.

  • Reduced Footprint (aka Data Centers)

If you make use of cloud computing, cut down the amount of data centers that are required in company. In fact, you might be able to work only with one data center to store particular sensitive data. Even a single one in the event that it is not required in your situation. Of course, this could help reduce the expenses of operating several data centers.

  • Improved Cost Management

For Netflix it has proved to be extremely effective in improving the availability of systems while also optimizing costs. And in some instances, decreasing the time it takes to complete.

Source: Netflix

Certain cloud providers are capable of offering autoscaling, which permits you to add more services as needed, while also turning off the services when not required. This highly responsive approach will further help by reducing costs, since you only have to be charged for time these additional systems are running instead of keeping the machines in operation continuously to deal with high demand. So your services will automatically react to the amount of resources required at any given moment to avoid downtime as well as unnecessary expenses!

  • Morpheus performs everything in one platform

Are you trying to take advantage of all these cloud benefits? Further improving your cloud migration ? Why not check out Morpheus that offers all these services on one platform. Morpheus lets you set up databases and servers in a matter of minutes. You will get your app ready to go in no time!

It helps you put work load deployment, monitoring and mobility in the same glass. It offers automated monitoring, backups, and logging. You may concentrate on your application instead of the other complexity associated with the architecture. Also it includes autoscaling features to make the most of the resources available to your applications at any moment.

Furthermore, Morpheus has a clear and concise interface that makes performing your tasks an easy task.

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