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Top 10 Creepiest Ritual Games You Should NOT Play

We’re focusing on rituals and supernatural games that you need to be mad brave or a bit of both to try. It’s believed that productions of Macbeth or just say even the name like demon slayer hashira names.

Whether they’re later concepts made popular by websites like creepypasta or rooted in old folk tales. These often involve attempts to summon an evil entity or transport oneself to an alternate dimension. The rituals have quite detailed instructions.

 So we’re not gonna delve too much into the how-to portions.

Double Face

Number 10 double face. This particular ritual is a relatively simple one only requiring 12 black candles. Then again the average person doesn’t usually have a dozen of those lying around. So a trip to the store will probably be necessary after that. 

However, you’re all set to steer evil in the eyes. The ritual spiritual weapon 5e has to enter a dark bathroom, just before midnight, and stand in front of the mirror where you’re instructed to light the candles.  Close your eyes when midnight strikes. Open your eyes and you’ll supposedly see the face of the devil where your own reflection should be. What could possibly go wrong?

11 Miles

 Number 9.11 miles. How bad can 11 miles of drive really? Be well when each mile you drive, features otherworldly elements threatening to kill you. The answer is pretty bad but either. 

For this ritual, you first need to fixate on that which most desperately desire in life. Then you head out alone at night in a car in search of the 11-mile road. Don’t worry if you’re really looking and truly want it you will find it. Be warned though you may regret locating it. Once you do expect to see spectral figures. You’re muffled screams, experience vehicle failures, and freezing cold among other terrors. Should you survive. However,, that deep desire should be fulfilled.

The 3 kings.

 Number 8. The 3 kings. If we’ve learned anything from horror and sci-fi films, it’s that making contact with another dimension is never a good idea. But Hey surely it’ll work out just fine for you. 

Thankfully you’ll have plenty of time to reconsider as this ritual takes a lot of time and effort. You’ll need 3 chairs to mirror, a fan, at least 1 candle, and an alarm clock. Among other things, after the extensive prep. At exactly, 3:33 AM, you’ll need to sit holding the candle looking straight ahead for an hour during which time you’ll apparently access the mysterious shadow side. What is it you’ll just have to perform the ritual to find out? 

The Gallery of all the Beauchamp

Number 7. The gallery of all the Beauchamp. There’s a lot of room for error. In this one and apparently, one wrong move could be your last. Your eyes can shrivel, your nightmares may come to life, your body can burn from the inside, and you can also be sent straight to hell. 

There are a ton of steps to this ritual that we won’t get into but it begins by stepping into a particular small bar in Paris. Yep, If you’re not in Paris, a plane ticket is part of a list of requirements. If you do get through all the hurdles. However, you get kissed by a green ferry and are filled with creative inspiration for the rest of your life and of course, you get to see Beauchamp paintings for yourself if you dare. I’m not dealing with their thanks.

 The Bath Game

 Number 6 is the bath game. At least you get to have a nice bath for this one. Well mostly nice while washing your hair, you must say down to my son fell down repeatedly until you finish. You will visualize a woman following her head, hitting a rusty tap that impales her through the ice after which she dies. 

The next day it is said that the ghost of the Musonda will follow.If you try to look directly at her. She will disappear but if you keep glancing behind your right shoulder, you may get a glimpse of the one-eyed ghost. At which point you can perform a chopping motion with your right hand while shouting Kita in order to escape her and win the game. As long as it’s done before midnight that is. 

The Closet Game

Number 5 is the closet game. Thankfully you can have a friend with you for this one. You won’t be contacting another realm or conjuring, a ghost but rather summoning a demon. You know just for fun. The supposed risks involved being possessed by a said demon or being dragged to hell. So don’t威而鋼
say we didn’t warn you. 

As you may have guessed this game involves getting in a closet with some matches where you will say ‘show me the light or leave me’ in darkness. If you hear anything like a match. Get the hell out of there making sure to never open the closet door without the lights on. A demon now calls it home. 

 The Elevator Ritual

Number 4 is the elevator ritual or game. This one is as simple as going up and down between specific floors. until a creepy lady enters the elevator with you in the terrifying moment. That she does appear it’s crucial that you not acknowledge her just take the elevator up to the tenth floor. 

There you’ll have one chance to forfeit the ritual. If you want to proceed. Simply step out of the elevator into an alternate dimension. The lady will ask where you’re going but just ignore her. You may explore this world if you dare and get back to your original world. Just repeat the steps you took to get to the alternate. One making sure to use the same elevator. 

The Midnight Game

Number 3 is the midnight game. Can you think of any better way to spend an evening that inviting a ghostly spirit into your home and having them chase you around in the darkness for over 3:00 hours while you avoid him? 

This ritual begins with you pricking yourself to draw blood. So if you’re queasy. This one isn’t for you. Welcome main once you perform the steps ending with opening the door to let the midnight man in. The game will begin to imagine it is a game of tag but with dire consequences as long as you keep moving around. Don’t see ghostly figures you’re whispering or light. Your candle goes out you should be all right. 

Bloody Marys

Number 2 bloody Marys. Undoubtedly the most widely known out of all. The creepy ritual of bloody Mary is also one of the simplest. There are a few different ways to perform the ritual but they mainly consist of saying bloody Mary a few times in front of them here. 

When bloody merry supposedly appears she can take on various forms such as a corpse, a witch, or a ghost and can kill you in a multitude of different ways like she might strangle you, steal your soul, or scratch your eyes out. 

If it helps you’re supposed to summon her when you’re with a couple of people. So at least you won’t die alone. I believe in bloody merry. I believe. 

one-man hide and seek.

Number one. Hide and Go Seek is a loan also known as one man hide and seek. Sorry, they might be fine in the context of a child’s tea party but at night, in the dark, there’s something so deeply unnerving about dolls. Despite the title, you’ll actually be playing with the spirit that you guessed. It will be possessing a doll before you begin. You’ll remove the doll stuffing and fill it with uncooked rice and your own fingernail. Then you place it in water, in either a sink or a bathtub first. You have to go at seeking it should be easy enough.

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