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There are different common mistakes that are committee by the students while they are writing. In order to reduce the risk of making mistakes and errors, the students should try to improve their writing skills and rectify their errors by considering different essential tips and tricks so that they could recognize their mistakes and solve them on a prompt basis.

Therefore, This is not easy to write a report or a blog or any essay related to the business and there are increased chances of mistakes made by the students. Most of the students are in stress because they are facing the issue of making errors and mistakes during writing. In order to resolve this issue, the students are using an essay writing service in Boston which includes different strategies and steps in order to mitigate the chances of errors and mistakes in their writing. Following are the 10 common mistakes which are mainly committed by the students while writing

1. Syntax errors.

The students usually face the issue of syntax errors while they are following the English language writing which mainly includes grammatical errors.  The students usually face issues related to punctuation marks and capitalization mistakes and sentence fragments while they are writing. Many students are making these types of mistakes then they should try to focus on their research ethics which mainly include the rules and regulations related to writing which ultimately reduces the chances of syntax error.  The students mostly neglect all these types of mistakes at the time of submitting the nursing research paper topics.

2. Spelling errors.

Most of the students are using different software which mainly includes this speak-to-type writing. These students are usually using the shortcut form in order to complete their particular task or assignment which mainly includes the speech to text and these stories which ultimately increases the chances of spelling errors.

Tools usage.

This error has arisen because the students usually speak instead of writing and a majority of the students believe that this is the short form of writing which ultimately saves their time because they speak writing usually requires less time in comparison with typing. These students are usually considering the auto-correct tool in order to correct their spelling mistakes and most of the spelling has been neglect because it has become a very common error because it is difficult for these students to rectify them on a prompt basis.

3. Punctuation marks.

The error which is most common neglected by the student is the punctuation mark. It is difficult for these students to follow the rules of punctuation while writing because due to the increased rules and regulations related to punctuation marks the students usually skip it.

4. Capitalization.

The most common error which made by the students while writing is the capitalization of the first word in writing.  For the best effective and quality work writing, it is important for the students to capitalize the word after a full stop. There are different rules for capitalization which are most not follow by the students.

5. Sentence fragment.

The sentence fragment is mainly similar to the punctuated complete sentence in which the most common mistake made by the student is to convey the message of the sentence in an incomplete manner to the users and readers. Due to the increased usage of punctuation, these students usually neglected the sentence fragment in which the sentence remains incomplete.

6. Run on.

Due to the miss punctuation, these students usually faced difficulties because of the run in which the complete sentence is not punctuated.  For example, the student wants to write that I was happy for her, therefore, I buy a gift for her. In this sentence, there is no punctuation used and there is the most common error is commit by the students due to miss punctuated words.

7. Sematic errors.

The Sematic error is similar to the syntax error in which the structure of the sentence is flawless. It does not give any sense or logic.  Most of the students usually make this mistake while writing in which the sentence structure does not give a logical meaning. In this error, the structure of the sentence is correct but it does not show the logical point which is accurate related to the study.

8. Homonym.

These students usually get confused between some of the words which have the same sound, therefore in this situation these students usually commit mistakes because of the echo word who has similar sounds but different meanings and different spellings.

These homonyms usually create confusion in the mind of the students which ultimately increases the chances of errors and mistakes.  For example, the student wants to write flower but instead, they wrote flour. This mistake has changed the whole meaning and logic of the particular sentence which is the biggest mistake made by the students.

9. Indigent cohesion.

For the relevancy of the paragraph, the indigent cohesion usually linked the unnecessary line with the previous sentence in order to avoid the error.  This is the major blunder made by the students because they change the boundary of the title when writing something because of all the changed sentences.

10. Incorrect usage of words.

Each and every word has a different meaning which ultimately changes the structure of the sentence.  Most of the students usually use the incorrect word which ultimately changes the overall meaning of this sentence.  For example, the students usually use nouns instead of adjectives, and Edward’s windy sentences which is ultimately the major error in the English language.

11. Untidiness.

This error is the most common error made by the students after completing their particular task assignment.  These students do not follow the player rules related to the quality of work and tidiness and the structure of the whole assignment.

12. Grammatical Rules.

In order to improve in rectifying these errors, these students should follow the grammatical rules and recognize each error and solve them on a prompt basis.  These students should consider all these errors while writing which ultimately improves their writing speed and improves the quality of work.


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