Top 10 Textile Companies in India

In the present article, I am going to discuss about top 10 textile companies in India. I have ranked the companies on the basis of their total sales in the 2019. Seeing the overall trends in the industry, there is no doubt that India is losing its market share. I have been closely associated with the textile industry for over 20 years. Possessed with unique knowledge of the industry, I am aware of the worldwide dominant trends in textile. Of the total 20 years of my work experience, for five years I have worked as an instrumentation engineer in an oxygen plant manufacturing company.

Here, I learned to design and fabricate nitrogen plant company with world-class specifications and standards. The experience gave me an excellent grounding in designing of industrial machinery. And the same experience I used in the designing and making textile making machinery.

Coming back to the scenario of textile industry, the situation of textile industry in India is not in good shape. Although China continues to lose market share but India has not able to capitalize on it. It was the perfect opportunity for India to upgrade and capture the market. Instead, it was Bangladesh and Vietnam that gained the losing Chinese market share. Our industry is mostly cotton-based. The industry needs inventive reforms both technologically and from the perspective of labor as well.

Top 10 textile companies in India

Arvind Ltd

It is the No. 1 textile company in India with huge production of wide range of fabrics. Being the largest company, it accounts for significant share of the market.

Revenue: Rs 7,229 Cr

Employees: 42,000

Debt: Rs2, 700 Cr

Processing Capacity: 240 MMPA

ROE: 7.70 %

Sales Growth (3Yrs): -3.75 %

The Gujarat-based textile company boasts of 22 international patents for environmental solutions. Moreover, it produces the fire protection fabrics in the largest quantity in the world. And, it also manages 15 internationally acclaimed apparel brands such as Levi’s, GAP, US Polo, etc.

Market Cap:  1,315 Cr.

Stock P/E: 5.93

Dividend Yield: 3.93 %

ROCE: 8.95 %

Vardhman Textiles Ltd

The company started its textile operations in 1965. It has transformed itself into one of the largest modern textile major under the visionary leadership of its chairman, Mr S P Oswal.

Revenue: Rs 6,706 Cr

Processing Capacity: 140 MMPA

Employees: 22939 (Including contractual manpower)

Debt: Rs 1,975 Cr

The 2nd largest textile company in India epitomizes grow and rich industry experience. It manufactures and supplies garments, sewing threads, acrylic fiber, and fabrics. Over the years, the company has established its footprints across 50 countries.

Market Cap:  5,160 Cr.

Stock P/E: 7.50

Dividend Yield: 1.67 %

ROCE: 10.90 %

ROE: 10.46 %

Sales Growth (3Yrs): -2.50 %

Welspun India Ltd

Welspun India ranks third by virtue of its annual sales and revenue. The textile company is part of Welspun Group with valuation of over USD 2.7 billion. It is a leading supplier of home textiles to the global players in the industry.

Revenue: Rs 6,828 Cr

Employees: 22,194 permanent employees

Debt: Rs 3,310 Cr

The company focuses on delivering high quality products with international market standards. It has emerged as the leading player by exporting its advanced textiles earning valuable foreign exchange.

Market Cap:  5,265 Cr.

Stock P/E: 10.82

Dividend Yield: 0.57 %

ROCE: 11.83 %

ROE: 14.49 %

Sales Growth (3Yrs): 3.28 %

Raymond Ltd     

It is a business group with its interests spread across various sectors. However, textile and apparel sector dominates their business interests. They also have presence in FMGC, engineering, etc. Raymond is one of the leading players in textiles.

Revenue: Rs 6,767 Cr

Employees: 7087

Debt: Rs 2,468 Cr

Processing Capacity: 110 MMPA

With adoption modern textile processes, Raymond is acclaimed for manufacturing the finest quality fabrics. The company boasts of over 1100 exclusive stores in 380+ cities with its brand available even 4th and 5th tier cities.

Market Cap:  3,443 Cr

Stock P/E: 22.22

Dividend Yield: 0.53 %

ROCE: 11.60 %

ROE: 9.10 %

Sales Growth (3Yrs): 8.34 %

Trident Ltd

Starting its journey in 1990 under the leadership of founder & Chairman Mr Rajinder Gupta, Trident has become a leading home textile company in India.

Revenue: Rs 5,394 Cr

Employees: 13,816

Debt: Rs 2,436 Cr

It is a flagship company of Trident Group with valuation of over USD 1 billion. The company has state of the art manufacturing facilities in MP and Punjab.

Market Cap:  2,979 Cr

Stock P/E: 6.83

Dividend Yield: 5.13 %

ROCE: 12.05 %

ROE: 12.92 %

Sales Growth (3Yrs): 12.51 %

KPR Mill Ltd

It is one of the foremost textile and apparel companies in India manufacturing readymade garments, yarn, knitted and dyed fabric.  Yarn division has annual production capacity of 90,000 MT.

Revenue: Rs 3,384 Cr

Employees: 13,424

Debt: Rs 856 Cr

The company has installed modern machinery for making diverse range of textiles. The company has significant presence in the overseas market as well.

Market Cap:  4,015 Cr

Stock P/E: 11.61

Dividend Yield: 0.14 %

ROCE: 21.13 %

ROE: 19.78 %

Sales Growth (3Yrs): 9.18 %

Promoter holding: 74.99 %

Debt to equity: 0.48

Price to book value: 2.24

Page Industries Ltd

Located in Bangalore, the company has got exclusive license of JOCKEY International Inc. (USA) for manufacturing, distributing and marketing of the JOCKEY brand in South Asian region and UAE.

Revenue: Rs 2,872 Cr

Employees: 19419

Debt: Rs 85 Cr

Page industries Ltd has emerged as a leader in the inner wear space riding on its flagship brand JOCKEY. The company has totally transformed the inner wear market.

Market Cap:  20,243 Cr.

Stock P/E: 53.25

Dividend Yield: 1.89 %

ROCE: 68.73 %

ROE: 47.53 %

Sales Growth (3Yrs): 16.68 %

Promoter holding: 48.32 %

Debt to equity: 0.11

Price to book value: 26

Nitin Spinners Ltd

It is a market leader in 100% cotton yarn and knitted fabrics in India. The company has been in the business for over a quarter of a century and duly established its niche in the industry.

Revenue: Rs 1,226 Cr

Employees: 3,130

Debt: Rs 860 Cr

Processing Capacity: 240 MMPA

Established in 1992, the company has headquarters in Bhilwara (Rajasthan). The company has a mission of making world-class products and offer high quality services.

Market Cap:  287.01 Cr

Stock P/E: 4.8

Dividend Yield: 2.45 %

ROCE: 11.45 %

ROE: 14.29 %

Sales Growth (3Yrs): 17%

Promoter holding: 55.82 %

Debt to equity: 1.78

Price to book value: 0.59

Rupa & Company Ltd

It is by all means the No. knitwear brand in the country offering diverse range of knitted garments. With its commitment to quality, the company has invested significantly modern machinery and capacity.

Market Cap:  1,472 Cr

Stock P/E: 15.93

Dividend Yield: 1.62 %

ROCE: 23.63 %

ROE: 17.19 %

Sales Growth (3Yrs): 3.04 %

Promoter holding: 73.29 %

Debt to equity: 0.31

Price to book value: 2.56

It has become a frontrunner in its vertical owing to its cutting-edge technology, vision and enterprise. The company has got thousands of satisfied customers all over the globe.

Himatsingka Seide Ltd

It is one of the major integrated home textile companies in India. Within a short span of India, the company has been able to make its inroads in the global market. Moreover, it has got large capacity for making drapery and upholstery products.

Market Cap:  1,403 Cr.

Stock P/E: 7.10

Dividend Yield: 3.51 %

ROCE: 12.16 %

ROE: 14.55 %

Sales Growth (3Yrs): 11.48 %

Promoter holding: 47.57 %

Debt to equity: 1.96

Price to book value: 0.99

The company has got pan India presence in India through its retail and wholesale channels. It also has been able to make its presence in the international market.

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