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Top 11 Ghostwriting Companies in the World

There are content writers, creative writers and academic writers who work in their respective fields. However, there is another category of writers who are called ghostwriters. There are ghostwriter online, essay ghostwriters and many other sub-categories within the broad category of ghostwriters. This blog provides you with the nitty-gritty of ghostwriting with the necessary explanation. Also, there is a list of the top 10 ghostwriting companies in the world. So, without further ado, go through the essay.

Explain ghostwriting?

Ghostwriting means writing a book or content where you hire a writer to write the book, but it goes around under someone else’s name. A ghostwriter is skilled with specific knowledge to write powerful narratives, plots of stories and skilful editing. For example, an organisation hires a ghostwriter and pays for their works, but they don’t mention their names on the pages. The result, on the other hand, is credited to the writer.

Plots and ideas are given by the authors, while the ghostwriters are asked to write, edit the book and bring stories to life with excess liabilities. The act of ghostwriting is nothing but writing on behalf of someone else’s ideas while getting paid only for their writing contribution. If, as a writer, you have ideas and imagination but do not have the necessary writing skill, then hire a ghostwriter for yourself.

Why are ghostwriters favoured?

In a modern world, you are not ready to withdraw yourself from your dreams and suppress them with other responsibilities. So many people around you have brilliant ideas in their heads.

  • Or maybe they want to see themselves as a published author. But writing is by no means an easy task. On the contrary, it is an arduous task for people with a narrow window of time in their hands.
  • Their skill does not work when it comes down to putting ideas in pen and paper. However, if such is your situation, ghostwriters will work perfectly for you.
  • People are born with stories. The only difference lies within their ability to project those in their writing. Also, with the rising trend of publishing e-books, ghostwriters are becoming a mainstream profession for your writing.
  • People are desperate to publish their books or contents. But completing a good book requires a hell lot of time. It may cost you more than a year to put your entire idea into writing. They find their necessary shortcuts in the form of ghostwriters.
  • Even though ghostwriting does not credit you as an author, you may find yourself in the book, maybe in some other name, if you are lucky enough. For example, you can find your name as a co-editor or co-publisher. In those cases, you must understand that the ghostwriter and the publisher are in a written agreement.

So, after the initial introduction, here is a definite list of companies who can give you ghostwriting help accordingly.

Top 11 Ghostwriting Companies in The World

  1. “Write Right”

Write Right is undoubtedly one of the best-ghostwriting companies in the world. It has an expansive range of services you may require at different times. An excellent team of writers may help you with your work-based focused write-ups. They have many years of experience working in the same domain.

Those know the definite characteristics of ghostwriting. They also know how to weave stories and content that resonate with your target audience. The company offers exclusive ghostwriting services to businesses, bloggers and other professional organisations who are disseminating important pieces of information.

  1. “Orange Publisher”

The second most valued ghostwriting company is Orange Publisher. It is a self-publishing company that is exclusive in providing publication and writing services across India and other English-speaking nations. The company has worked for more than 30 years in the industry. The company holds the best in-house ghostwriters and facilitates the best-ghostwriting services.

Whether it is a novel, an autobiography or a storybook, your quality expectation will never go down with Orange Publisher.

The most exciting part of their services is that they customise their service. They stay with the customers for a prolonged period. You can have multiple other services such as designs, book covers, content creation etc.

  1. “Ghostwriters”

Ghostwriters are again an India-based company with branches all over the world. This company is famous for working with high-value clients like directors, clients, CEOs etc. the company provides excellent help to multiple clients on books, novels, blogs, magazines and many more things. From non-fiction to fiction, resumes to web copies, the company is efficient to provide precise and well-researched documents.

  1. “Vox Ghostwriting”

This is a US-based ghostwriting service company. A renowned name in the ghostwriting industry across the world. It delivers the best writing and publishing services to its customers. They stand out as one of the best in providing capable writers globally. The company’s main feature is to work according to the global market trends.

The company caters to your editing, composition, proofreading, and other aspects of writing services under the same roof.

The main forte of the company is to excel in your online footprint and boost your working credentials. It has more than 400 online ghostwriters globally. Also, you have the support of 2.5k writers worldwide who are relentlessly working to find you the best service.

  1. “Book Writing Inc”

As the name suggests, Book Writing INC specialises in book ghostwriting services. It has some leading experts in book writing services. It has a history of completing many books and other projects. They are one of the leading experts in final book publishing.

  1. “Power Publisher”

This is a 13 years old company that earned a serious reputation as a ghostwriting company. It provides premium quality services to its clients and runs a famous website named writer4me.com, a leading online hiring platform for essay ghostwriters. Also provides services on a freelance and hiring basis simultaneously.

  1. “Ghostwriting LLC”

Ghostwriting LLC is a big global brand in writing services. They are remarkable publishers and result-oriented ghostwriting service providers. They have affordable fees, clear cut privacy policies, and extensive research, making them a trustworthy global brand.

  1. “The Urban Writers”

Urban writers are another globally renowned company that houses more than 3900 published writers. It has man brands of SEO writing services that include non-fiction, fiction, editing, blog writing and proofreading. There are many more services under their brand that excels in all forms of writing services.

  1. “Elite Ghostwriters”

If you want to write your book quickly, then Elite Ghostwriting is your best bet. It has a high-quality team of ghostwriters who wish to give words to your story. They have the best writers in the industry when it is a time-bound project. The writers in this company are famous for picking up the best ghostwriters who can customise according to the situation. Also, the privacy policy makes it better for your customised service.

  1. “Ghostwriting solutions”

Ghostwriting Solutions is a team of skilled workers who have a global background. It is famous for providing excellent quality content around the world. It is the best company in the field f ghostwriting if the quality is your primary concern. Some of their books are rated as the best selling pieces of writing.

  1. “E-writers solution”

If you search for an excellent ghostwriting service and quality is your primary concern, this is your safest bet. It is affordable in terms of prices. All clients are deeply consulted before the start of the project. The company has a huge background in providing non-fiction, cookbooks, religion, crime, spirituality etc.

So, if you are satisfied with our list, go for the best ghostwriting service on your own. Also, many more organisations on the internet cater to your premium writing service. So, go for the best after considering all points.

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