Top 4 Online PDF Compressors That Are Free

PDF files are one of the most convenient file formats for sharing and storing. However, Compress Pdf File can sometimes become large, which makes it difficult to store or share them via the Internet. An online PDF compressor can offer a timely solution to these problems because the internet is full of many free online PDF compressors that promise to convert your large files easily and quickly. In this article, we will introduce you to 5 of the most common tools to compress PDF online.

Compress Pdf

It is one of the oldest PDF compressors found on the web. Compress Pdf is very popular due to its simple interface and functionality. It also offers a handful of advanced compression settings, which include the ability to customize images, fonts, and the general structure of your PDF files. Most of these functions are usually available on high-end PDF compression applications, which makes this software the favorite of many users.

In contrast, the free online version of Compress Pdf embeds watermarks on all converted PDF files. Users need to make a purchase to get access to all of its features.

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Small Pdf

Small Pdf offers the simplest interface of all the PDF compression tools on this list. When you arrive on its page, a simple download link is offered to you to import your PDF file. After downloading, the file is compressed in the background. Once the process is complete, you will receive a download link which allows you to access your compressed file.

Compress PDF sacrifices many features for simplicity. You don’t have any compression options to mess with and the compression rate is rather slow. Nonetheless, Compress PDF is still a favorite among those looking for simplicity.

PDF Compress

PDF Compress is another compression tool that takes the simplicity of Compress PDF and blends it with the versatility and efficiency of DocuPub. This online tool allows you to upload documents from your computer, Dropbox or Google Drive or drag them onto the interface. The compression is quite fast, despite the lack of advanced features.

Limitations of Online PDF Compression

Despite the many advantages presented by online PDF converters, many versions often have limitations for users. Most are slow and inefficient, as your file must first be downloaded, then compressed by the server, before being returned to you. This process also consumes a considerable amount of bandwidth, which means you have to stay connected while downloading. Other issues include file size restrictions, watermarks, and quality issues that come with most converters.


DocuPub is another popular online tool for converting and compressing PDF files. It offers users more compression presets than high-end PDF compressor tools. With DocuPub, you can remove elements from your PDF files, including fonts and annotations.

DocuPub also lets you convert documents and merge PDF files, which is a great help for document organization. However, like most online PDF converters, the free versions impose certain limitations when compressing. DocuPub limits free compression to files under 5MB.

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PD Element is an all-in-one application that allows you to edit, secure, merge, split, delete or insert pages on existing PDF documents. It allows users to choose from various preset compression options and compress PDF files with just the press of a button as per your requirement. If you need to make technical adjustments, PDF element gives you the option to manipulate the compression settings to get the best results.

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