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TOP 5 MOST POWERFUL Dragon Ball Characters

Hello and welcome to the new interview your source for everything anime and manga today I’d like to take a bit of a step back into the title that was my true gateway into anime is a child being dragon ball and one all for lotus changed about this universe of the multiverse.

I guess since my glory days with the typical fascination with strength and power is certainly still there so with that in mind we are going to explore the 5 most powerful characters this property has to offer so that they’re all pretty. Also, check- the Danganronpa characters

Beyond any form of conventional power measurement, we’re here to do our best with what we’ve got don’t worry I’m not going to go balls to the wall how scaling pointing out,

why it doesn’t work this is going to be a much more casual expression so with that out of the way let’s begin welcome to the top 5 most powerful characters in dragon ball.

Number 5

Santos attendance these 2 figures are probably the most mysterious characters whipping countering here today act extremely seriously and in unison, at seemingly all times,

in fact, they very rarely speak at all although they have briefly out of the woods by a child which was translated to later Gators in the animation.

which is an interesting contrast to the rather stark nature quite possibly influenced by the individual thank god I’m very unfortunately we’ve not really seen,

any demonstration of power from this dynamic due as of yet you’d think that to be charged with the protection of the most important being in the entirety of existence.

They’d have to be pretty damn strong yeah well maybe not this is also another argument the purpose is not to protect sent a little brother to protect everyone else from the on the king,

because it is highly highly unlikely that they would be able to do anything that’s in could not,

however, what we can more or less confirm is that these attendants are more powerful than the gods of destruction. Also, check- paw patrol characters


But they’re essential but were quite shocked and intimidated by them so much is making a move when they blocked Koko’s approach to the center and,

there are plenty of other theories about them out there in the world in regards to the possibility of them being fallen angels whose universes were destroyed.

But the key thing that has me placing them in the number 5 position is the fact that the interest,

we’ve seen so far in the series by and large is unconcerned with centers,

whereas these 2 attendants are known to stress out quite a bit much in the same manner as the gods of destruction.

So without further confirmation, I certainly can’t bring myself to place anybody,

not already on this list both in terms of power at the same time given,

With the knowledge we have about the other 4 contenders I certainly cannot place attendance and the higher it is today.

Number 4

Weeks I feel like we know we’re in for something special with we spend the spot on the list,

because he is already absolutely insane in every way not just like a tenant leases automatically on a higher plane of talent.

Then even the gods of destruction and has been known to casually brag,

about being the fastest being in the universe as such waste is so powerful that he actually trained as well as Goku,

and veggies in these days although none of the 3 have even come close to scratching the sheer absurdity of power within weeks of dispossession and illustrate.

This we have some words from Mr. Tory on himself he treated us to a fake power scaling saying that if we were to consider resurfacing god as a 6 and universe 7 S.

god of destruction as 1010 weeks it’s not an incredible 15 however it is not simply raw power the lands we have seen such a riding position.


It also is extended and has very god-like abilities,

a great example of which would be the worst is able to rewind time by up to 3 minutes with his temporal do it as well as Croft instrumental portals,

what their space and time and even see events happening in those particular spaces of time.

But I’m always very existence makes the primary use of the touch of dragon balls redundant as he is capable of completely resurrecting people and,

even strange utility techniques like wiping a baby out of it this way in order to save time,

and trouble child plus you can also access ultra instinct and so so much more.

A much better question would be to ask exactly what we cannot do not regard all I can really find on that comes from Paris,

who claims that we cannot finally something that he and I have been called but we’re getting the suites is a vessel of truly inconceivable power.

Number 3

Votto’s moving right along with not moving too far we have leases older sister,

and the angelic attendant of universe 6 now in comparison to leasing, not an awful lot is known about photos.

However for a decent comparison when the gods of universe 6 and 7 being children respectively got into a fight over a bus route both ways.

Bodice label to put a stop to that battle which had the potential to destroy you know him near anti-Univest,

simply by providing them with a swift chop on the neck and along with being the strongest figure present in universe 6.

This would imply that at the very least photos and we are about equal in terms of power however this opinion does differ greatly depending on who you ask.

Self claims to sleep

But as a self claims to sleep to be slightly stronger than her younger brother,

however, this is met by a great objection from waste casually points out that it has been a millennium system to a trained together.

While it may be difficult speaks Monday certainly implies that a millennium ago Fatos was true.

In fact, at the time of this recording, the only thing we have that even comes,

close to some sort of official statement would be her profile in an article in the jump in title preparing for the tone.

Which goes on to make the state that her true strength may indeed be greater than that of weeks,

whatever the case is actually makes products the strongest female character examined so far in the anti intractable series.

Well without knowing the constant the other female angelic sense anyway but I’m afraid that power alone does not even come close to supremacy on this list

Number 2

Great 3. Keeping things in the family next up we have the father of both weeks and bodice and in fact all of the angels with the great priest.

Now interestingly enough we do have some official confirmation,

on where exactly Mr priest ranks in the world has been said byways to be considered one of the top 5 most powerful beings within the entire multiverse.

Which makes an awful lot of sense I mean think of everything that we send Padosi capable of,

and then go on to imagine the staggering power that was capable of bringing them into existence.

In fact, was quite openly admits being absolutely nothing compared to the insanity of existence,

that is his father although it should be stated that within the dragon ball super manga,

which goes into slightly more detail claiming that the great priest is the strongest warrant in the multi-purpose.

Clarification of warrior

This is semantically intriguing because of the clarification of warrior which obviously implies that in the specific outcome,

basket great priest would be unmatched but that does not necessarily make the pinnacle of power in the multiverse.

How good it really considering that he’s still in the number 2 spot here today regardless this being is no joke he can make gods of destruction the interfere with the cycle.

But even with all of that in mind, he’s a pretty chill dude and I mean why wouldn’t you be practically nothing in the multi-purpose is even a slight threat to your continued existence,

in fact, the great pre-Stephen west the kanji for great on his belt so we do have them.

Happening now in that sense of humility is exactly what he needs in the presence of the most overwhelming power in the multiverse,

but before we get to exactly who that is I feel like it’s important to have some honorable mentions in this case being the rest of the angelic attendance.


We’ve really only focused on 2 of them during the spurt here,

but the other 10 could very well be more powerful than we send all of us it’s just impossible to know.

Because we’ve literally said nothing else although we do really know is that they are superior to the gods of destruction,

and inferior to the great priest plus standing rules that we haven’t spoken about may not even be the only other angels in existence as apparently.

They will once have 18 universes which leave 6 angels unaccounted for these angels may have been rice along with universes well perhaps they are still out there,

somewhere regardless they do certainly deserve a mention but for now, let’s have them paid all the way back into obscurity as we announce.

Number 1

Santos that dragon ball is a series that has explored the idea of gods from its very early stages,

we’ve had mortals label themselves as god’s great overseas of the afterlife even greater presence in king hi even higher levels of that with the supreme kai.

All of them consider quite carlike at some stage before the literal gods of destruction,

when even introduced although even they pale in comparison to the angels each of whom is nothing compared to the great priest,

who is even less than nothing in the presence of set this admittedly adorable character is the epitome of power known as the only king.


This title is for very good reason as he could wipe out any universal even the entire multi-bus in the blink of an eye should he so wish it well,

they’re quite fascinating despite possessing the ultimate power center was not at all a fighter.

Despite his infinite abilities, you can have difficulty keeping up with the movements of particularly strong martial artists,

which was shown when he was completely unable to observe the speed of despair instead requiring.

The slumber function on his guard to properly examine with that said there is certainly no way that any fighter could so much as touch sent in combat and,

But really if there is a forthcoming skill and are then they’re probably going to be even less than useless anyway however as far as one possibility does exist and,

that is that it’s in could kill himself which may be a thing because there are 2 centers down due to a time traveler stuff.


So I guess I should point out that they take joint first place on this list and,

it is unknown if they could use that power to embrace one another not that that is ever likely to happen because both centers get along famously.

So for now we’ll just have to be satisfied with the idea that the center was the pinnacle of everything,

that ever was is and will be raining is by far the most powerful character in all of the dragon ball,

but that pretty much sums up to the top 5 most powerful characters in dragon.

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