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Top Features & Costs of Travel App Development

In this era, it is only possible to plan a trip using technology. The traveling app ratio is increasing day by day. More than half of mobile users use apps to book a flight.

Traveling apps are the best for so many reasons. Are you thinking about building your traveling apps? But how to do it? How can you develop an excellent traveling app, and what essential features should you use? And how much does it cost?

Continue reading the post and work through the answers.

Top Travel App Types

Before discussing the features and cost of the traveling app, you should know about the top types.

  1. Flight Booking And Transportation App
  2. Accommodation Booking App
  3. Travel Guiding App
  4. Tips And Activity Booking App

 Top Features To Add In A Traveling App

The mobile app development process starts with the selection of the functionality of the app. Of course, some features depend on the type of traveling and the solution you choose. But there are some constant needs of every traveling app.

User Sign In And Registration

The first thing for every traveling app is the user account. People need to log in to or register themselves in some ways to use any app. The trip booking apps need the sensitive data of the users, for example, their card numbers and emails. That is why registration is compulsory for completing a booking and protecting the information.

Usually, the app requires an email address or phone number for registration. You can also offer the option to register through social media. In any way, the Firebase Authentication tool is the most commonly used to enable the login to the users.

Search And Filter Option

After logging in to the account, the user usually redirects to the homepage displays every available app element. Such as, in the travel guide app, there can be a list of all the sports trips the user can sign up for.

It depends on your app type and which list you should include. For example, you can list the flights in a flight booking app.

Database With All Listings

The database should be enriched in your app. Let’s say you make a taxi app like uber. Then you have to look for all the databases that the app includes, such as the fair prices, available rides, discounts, and other vital data.

You have to take care of all the things related to the apps and the data. Your app must have the power to link the driver and rider accordingly.

To create a traveling app, you must have all the required data about the product or services you provide and the users.

Booking System With Various Payment Gateways

Whether you are making an app to book a taxi, accommodation, flight, sports activity, or anything, the booking system has to be good. You should add a booking feature with a lot of security. Also, you must incorporate several payment gateways to make it easy for your app’s users.

You can give them options of paying with cash, credit cards, and others. Nowadays, cryptocurrency is also used for payment, but you don’t have to go to this extent as a startup.

Push Notification

Push notification is essential for your app and users to get timely updates. The push notification features help users get instant notifications about the new service you launched, discounts, special offers, and much more.

Also, this will remind your users that the app is in their app, and they can use it throughout their travel.


Settings are essential for any app. Most apps nowadays don’t add the setting feature, but this is not a good idea. Allow the customers to customize the app as per their wants. The setting can change the app visuals, turn on and off the push notification, and any other additional features.

Cost To Develop Traveling App

The traveling app cost usually depends on two factors; the app developer you are choosing and the process.

Choosing The App Developer

Let’s say you are making a taxi app, and you have to search for a taxi booking app development company. However, many companies can create various types of apps. You have to consider whether the team you are collaborating with can be trusted. Choosing the wrong company can cost you more.

The Process Cost

Suppose the hourly rate of the team you want to hire is $50/hour. But how many hours will it take to complete the development? Although, the cost depends on the working hours, and the estimate is it will take almost 400 to 1000 hours to create an MVP.

The three hundred hours are divided into the design, development, and testing processes. And each stage includes much work and detail to take care of, from marketing research to the final app testing.

These factors can fluctuate the cost of your traveling app development. Most businesses hire low-cost developers to save money, but the quality of their work could be better. Don’t rush, and don’t choose quantity over quality. Choose the finest developers and look out for their previous work to get an insight into it.


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