top highest paying jobs in India for new graduates

Everyone desires to discover the highest paying jobs in india. After investing time and money in your education, you should select a profession that offers adequate compensation. The impact of Covid, the digital revolution, and technical advancements on the labor market are evident. We have selected some of highest paying jobs in india to facilitate your search.

Even while compensation criteria vary between organizations and industries and your degree, professional experience, location, etc. affect your salary, a variety of opportunities offer top-paying jobs in India, whether you are a recent graduate, mid-level employee, or senior professional.


IT, data, healthcare, banking, and advertising are the most lucrative industries in India.

The highest paying jobs in india pay between Rs. 50 and Rs. 90 LPA, while the average salary ranges from Rs. 6 to Rs.

highest-paying jobs in India


Healthcare is the most lucrative industry in India. This sector has expanded as a result of the need for healthcare personnel caused by the epidemic.

They are among the highest paying jobs in india (dental, pharmaceutical, optometric, cardiovascular, etc.).

Doctors provide prescriptions, administer treatments, assess patients’ symptoms, diagnose diseases, consult with nurses and other medical experts, and review diagnostic testing.

In India, doctors and other medical professionals earn approximately 10 million Indian Rupees annually. At least 25 percent of healthcare professionals make more than 20 million Indian Rupees annually. In India, a family physician earns INR 11,00,000 LPA per year, while a general surgeon earns INR 13,00,000 LPA per year.

Prime Employers:

Fortis, Medical Centers of America, Max, and Apollo Hospitals, University of Maryland Medical Center, Baltimore


In India, data science is a rapidly expanding industry with numerous advantages. Since they collect, analyze, and interpret corporate data, data scientists are in high demand.

In India, there is a great demand for data scientists with degrees in computer science, programming, mathematics, statistics, and analytics.

The InsideAIML/IBM Data Science Certification will distinguish you in the eyes of leading employers. This course qualifies you for any career in data science in India or abroad.

A junior data analyst in India may make $7,000 per year. A seasoned data scientist may earn between 60 and 70 lakhs annually.

Prime Employers:

Retail goliaths Amazon, Procter & Gamble, IBM Cloud Cognitive Computing System on Azure The Amazon

ML Experts

Recently, machine learning (ML), a subfield of AI, has gained popularity. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are expected to advance in the next years, making this a lucrative industry in India.

Researchers and developers in machine learning create business-useful software and algorithms. InsideAIML instructs Indian job candidates on machine learning.

The average salary of a machine learning engineer in India is INR 10,000,000. Engineers with less experience earn an average of 6,000 INR per year. Professionals at the middle level earn 12,000 INR each year. Professionals with years of experience earn between 30 and 80 Lacs per year.

Prime Employers:

Accenture IBM Zycus Information Technology (Quantiphi Infosys)

Blockchain developer

Finance, internet infrastructure, data security, and data processing are all influenced by blockchain technology.

Businesses and governments leverage blockchain technology to decentralize data, reduce expenses, and improve accessibility. India needs additional blockchain developers to meet its growing demand.

Blockchain engineers require expertise in computer science, mathematics, and statistics. In India, blockchain developers may earn $8,000,000 per year. Every year, experts earn between 30 and 90 LPA.

Prime Employers:

Wipro, Wipro MindTree, Tata Elxsi, Primchain, Birla Soft, and Cyient Accenture were ranked in the top five.

Full-stack coder

Few full-stack developers are available.

Full-stack developers are responsible for both the front and back ends of an application or website. Due to the demand for creative digital material, this is one of the highest paying jobs in india.

By attending an online or in-person course, anybody may become a Full Stack developer. It is now easier than ever for non-technical people to acquire useful skills, as so many colleges offer introductory programming courses.

Full Stack Developer salaries range from approximately INR 4,75,000 to INR 15,00,000 per year with 5 to 9 years of expertise.

Prime Employers:

IBM’s Oracle is Deloitte Dell Siemens


Some individuals desire to become pilots to travel and experience diverse cultures. Commercial pilots enjoy numerous advantages.

Commercial pilots are required to fly the aircraft, conduct pre-flight inspections, and ensure passenger safety.

A commercial pilot earns approximately 170,000 rupees per year. An entry-level pilot may earn INR 25 lakh (about $31,000) per year after bonuses, additional pay, and other benefits.


Product management, development, and design are developing in India-based firms. Product Managers develop product strategies, implement marketing campaigns, generate product specifications, and forecast the performance of their products.

Important factors include attention to detail and awareness of organizational objectives.

Product managers average 12,000 rupees in India. Beginning product managers earn $9 to $12 per hour, while experienced product managers can earn up to $17 per hour.

Prime Employers:


Microsoft, Flipkart, Google, and Salesforce.




Management consultants assist businesses in eliminating difficulties, maximizing efficiencies, and expanding. They are concerned with strategic, organizational, operational, and administrative management.

MBAs are available to BBA/BE/FF/CA/Mgt graduates who wish to enter the management consulting field. In India, those without an MBA will suffer.

In India, a management consultant earns approximately 11,00,000 LPA. Consultants with less experience can earn 7–8 LPA, while those with greater expertise can earn 15–30 LPA.

Prime Employers:

KPMG, McKinsey, Deloitte, EY, PwC, and Accenture are comparable to KPMG, McKinsey, Deloitte, EY, and PwC


Do you wish to develop and implement cutting-edge technology solutions to improve corporate performance by identifying inefficiencies and revealing their root causes? Consider solution architecture if so.

The solutions architect of an organization must imagine, design, and implement solutions and configurations to achieve its vision and objective.

This industry may provide opportunities for quality assurance, business expansion, management, and mentoring.

The average annual salary for a solutions architect is 15 Lakh, while entry-level salaries begin at 6 Lakh. Over six years of expertise increases pay to INR 25 lakh.

Professional Accountants

In all industries, Chartered Accountants (CAs) are in high demand for their financial advice and direction. As a result of their demand and status, CPAs in India can command substantial incomes.

A commerce student must pass the ICAI CA examination in New Delhi to become a chartered accountant (CA).

The annual salary of a chartered accountant ranges from 8 to 30 LPA.

Ernst & Young, Accounting Firm for the Royal Charter

The Big Three comprises a worldwide network.


These are valuable areas of expertise. The data refute the statement “work equals pay.” Every industry in India offers well-paying positions.

This post about highest paying jobs in india was, we hope, informative. Focused objectives improve any opportunity. Understanding the finest classes is essential.

InsideAIML offers employment-guaranteed courses in AI, ML, Data Science, and Digital Marketing.

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