Top Reasons Why Android App Development Is Very Important

Mobile applications are taking the world by storm with their smooth performance and easy accessibility. Android application development companies in the UK have contributed to the popularization of mobile applications. It’s no surprise to learn that there are almost 3 million Android applications on the Play Store that people use. As we all agree, there are more Android users in this world than iOS users. According to Statista, it is found that the United States has 21.23% of Android app developers because Android phones are cheap, full-featured, and very easy to use.

We recommend using the mobile application on both Android and iOS platforms. However, if you have budget constraints and need to decide between one, experts recommend going with an Android application that is affordable and allows you to reach more users around the world. Additionally, most Android applications are free to download and generate revenue through in-app purchases and sales of products and services. Therefore, more people are attracted to download the application. If you’re still not sure why Android apps are essential, here are some reasons why Android application development is essential for your business.

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Below are the benefits of Android Application development

  1. Global Market

Android applications are successful in the global market due to their high-quality design and app performance. Google has recently been working hard to promote products and services around the world, such as the launch of the latest version of the Android platform, the development of Android smartphones, and the development of smart devices. All of these help the Android market reach a wider audience. In other words, if more people are interested in Android devices, more people are likely to use Android applications.

  1. Android Is Open Source

Android application development companies in the UK

Android is open source, and as a result, there is a huge community of developers working together to explain the problems developers faced during their operation faced by Android app development companies. Apart from that, we also provide facts about upcoming versions of Android.

There is no permission or preferential fee when using android for android device manufacturers. Android is, therefore, very attractive to mobile phone makers, leading to faster development of Android-based mobile phones and more opportunities for developers to make more money.

  1. User Interface and Graphical Interface

Developed using the Android platform, the application has an excellent user interface that can be customized according to customer and business needs. Developers and designers can create innovative user interfaces for the best user experience. The Android operating system is also very popular for its graphical interface, which is ideal for gaming applications due to its eye-catching design and interface.

  1. The Purpose of Innovation

The advantage that Android offers is to provide a great vehicle for innovation. This can be very helpful for developers to target their chosen audience. It is very possible with the tools and techniques available on this platform. The latest technology allows us to manufacture a high-end range of app solutions available. So there is a lot of room for innovation.

  1. Reduce Investment in Android Apps

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Developing and launching an Android app is cheap but has a high ROI. The Android SDK is an open-source toolkit, so developers don’t have to spend money in the early stages of development. Due to the dominance of the global Android application market, Android app users come from different demographics and regions, resulting in a high return on investment.

Android requires relatively little effort. Android has great software development devices such as the IDE Android Development Studio for pioneering communities, progressive enterprise development and other declining value.

Further development costs include application costs, the cost of testing, and the cost of hardware for testing and scaling Android mobile applications. So if you use Android, you can make a small investment and get a high return on investment (ROI).

  1. Android App Security Improvements

Recent Android app updates may add usability features. This is one of the reasons why Google Android stands out as the best Apple iOS. On the security side, Android has built-in features to keep apps safe from viruses and keep your data safe. Also, frequent notifications are sent to users to keep them up to date. Therefore, you can achieve high security and reliability through Android.

  1. Reliability and Security

Android applications offer better protection against malware and other external factors. They have some built-in security features to protect the application from viruses. Developing secure applications is essential for any business. Providing users with reliable and reliable applications should be the first criterion for any enterprise, and Android Development does just that. , the Android platform is a good solution. You can change and customize the functionality according to your needs. This integration is easier with the Android of the application than with other software. This allows you to develop user-friendly applications.

  1. Rapid Development Process

Android application development companies in the UK

Developing mobile applications faster and better gives companies an edge over their competitors. The deployment process is also easier than other platforms, such as iOS. Publishing mobile applications on the Apple Store is subject to more restrictions and rules than publishing on the Playstore.

Build Your Brand Reputation Android applications allow businesses to connect directly with their customers and offer valuable services. Android apps act as a direct marketing medium between businesses and consumers. Users can easily reach out to customer service, call, or email for help, and brands can easily communicate with users by sending push notifications, emails, and messages. Hence, this will improve your brand reputation.

Benefits of Android Applications for Business

Android application development companies in the UK

Below are some of the benefits that can be gained from Android application development.

  • The Information and Branding application provides detailed information on business support. They help build trust and also help spread your work skills. It will also focus on increasing the user base of the application.
  • The mobile market is growing every day, and the key to unlocking it is the Android attributes. With these Android apps, more customers will be contacted about your business. Customers are kept up to date with notifications of discounts, offers, upcoming sales, and other business benefits. To capture the power of your customers, use provocative images and tags to get them to buy your products.
  • Android strengthened the good bond between businessmen and consumers. It helps consumers stay connected with the company for orders, inquiries and feedback, all available out of the box on Android. As a result, business people can learn about consumer interests and needs and change accordingly. It helps us collect information about consumer buying behavior and track that behavior.


The massive use of smartphones encourages software developers to develop mobile applications for their customer base to better serve them. Android applications communicate user knowledge, leisure activities, and other personal interests. Therefore, with the advancement of software technology, software development companies provide customers with various mobile application services. If you are looking for a professional digital agency, get in touch with Creatix9.

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