Topmost features of Blundstone safety shoes

When you think of buying protective shoes for your workplace, steel-toe boots are the best ones as these have reinforced toes to protect your feet from unwanted hazards in place. The safety shoes are, in fact, your personal protective equipment if you go to industrial or construction worksites.

There is a vast variety of safety boots nowadays available in the market, not just steel boots. The shoes that provide traction, arch support, and safety benefits are the ideal pairs. If you are also on the hunt of finding a great safety boots range for yourself, then Blundstone safety shoes are the best that you can shop from the Becker shoe platform online, which is a Canada-based online store to shop for the ultimate footwear range for all walks of life.

Before dwelling on knowing the astounding functions of safety boots, let’s first get to know what safety boots exactly are.

What are safety boots?

Safety boots are shoes that are made with strong and protective support, making them last for a long time. This range protects your feet from harsh exterior conditions, including compressions, cold, and so on. Industries, construction sites, and factories have made it a working guideline to wear safety shoes while at work. The shoes also have an anti-slip function that prevents you from slippage on water and liquid surfaces.

Now let’s get to know the exciting features and functions of Blundstone safety shoes.

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Safeguards your feet from falling and flying objects

The shoes safeguard workers in the factories where heavy product lifting is done. One has to lift factory stock of various forms while working there, so these shoes are a must.


The Blundstone safety boots have waterproof leather uppers that keep your feet warm all the time in wet climatic conditions. These shoes are suitable even during rain and prevent your feet from getting wet.


Heavy shoes overburden your feet and can lead to problems like repetitive strain injuries. But the Blundstone Safety Boots range feels very light on your feet when you use them. However, the weight differs as per the size and model.

Good stability

Torsional stability is always important, especially when you are working on uneven surfaces where your feet twist, bend, and sprain. The safety boots by Blundstone have a steel shank between the outsole and insole that supports your feet.

Efficient shock absorption

Have you ever felt a shockwave while being landed on a hard surface? That is the result of wearing a shoe without a polyurethane sole. A PU sole has a low density and high elasticity which helps prevent your feet from bending and accidental shocks.

Great heat-resistant outsole

If your job is to walk in the heated areas, then Blundstone safety shoes can be your true mate. The outsoles of these shoes are designed to withstand temperatures as high as 140 degrees Celsius without melting and cracking.

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Some safety shoes come with great insulation techniques because these have to be worn in wet and cold climates and also when the season is too harsh. Your feet need intense warmth and protection, so these are must to be worn in wet climatic conditions.

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