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Simple way to convert olm to pst file


Microsoft Outlook is the most reliable email client accessible on the both Windows as well as Mac OS Operating Systems. The user interface of the software is able to adapt according to the OS environment. The data file also differs, Windows uses PST (Personal Storage Table) as well as Mac OS has OLM (Outlook for Mac). When users migrate to Apple devices to Windows it is necessary to convert their data files in OLM Emails to Outlook PST since Microsoft Outlook doesn’t accept OLM files. This article will explain how to transfer Outlook in order to transfer Mac OLM emails to Outlook 2019 2013, 2016, and 2013(export mac outlook emails to PST file).

If you’re seeking ways to transfer OLM files into Outlook for Windows, then you’ve come to the right spot.

We’re all aware that Microsoft Outlook is the world’s most highly-rated email program – suitable for Windows as well as Mac OS users. Therefore, those who depend on OLM emails frequently have to transfer their OLM information to Outlook.

The MS Outlook 2019, 2016 and 2013 and Outlook 2016 for Mac mailbox items can be archived quickly . The mailbox information is stored in PST file format . This format is used in MS Outlook and OLM file format for Outlook to Mac. Also, the OLM data files are able to be imported into (different versions of) MS Outlook.

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The reason for import of Mac Outlook files to Windows Outlook

To view Mac Outlook emails in Windows Outlook it is necessary to convert OLM into an Outlook PST file as it can’t be directly accessed. There are many reasons to moving information of Mac Outlook to the Windows Outlook platform, such as the following:

  • OLM emails must be shared with coworkers who use Windows systems.
  • There is no way to create Outlook for Mac emails available within Windows Outlook.
  • Upgrade or switch from OS to Mac and to Windows.
  • Migration from Mac-based company to Windows-based company.
  • Employees utilize Windows and Mac systems in different workplaces.

An easy way to transfer OLM files into Windows Outlook

An easy step-by-step tutorial will guide you through the procedure of moving Outlook in order to import Mac OLM emails to Outlook 2019and 2013.

  • Section 1: Export Outlook Mac information (OLM document)
  • Section 2 Converting OLM Files into Outlook PST (By using an the automated tool)
  • Section 3 Import PST Files into Windows Outlook
  • Section 4 Convert OLM emails in to Outlook PST through IMAP Server

Section 1 Export Outlook to Mac Data (OLM File)

  1. On the Tools tab, then select an export Option to Export Outlook data into OLM file format.
  2. The dialog box will appear in the box that says Export To archive File (.olm), choose the items you would like to save (from Mail, Tasks Calendar, Notes as well as contacts), and click Continue.
  3. Then, in your save archive file (.olm) as dialog box, search to the Favorite items on the right pane, select the Downloads folder, then select to save.
  4. In the end the information will be exported to the location you specified you’ll receive an email. Click Close to complete the last step.
  5. Transfer this exported OLM file onto the Windows system using the aid by an external device, such as pen drives(export mac outlook emails to PST file).

Section 2: Converting OLM files to Outlook PST

To import the OLM data into Windows Outlook, you will first need to convert OLM into Outlook PST file format. After this this converted PST file is able to be successfully imported into Windows Outlook. The most efficient method for performing the import of OLM into Outlook PST is an automated third-party software. This is why it is suggested to utilize Regain OLM to PST converter Tool.

  1. Start the Converter tool, and then click Browse to choose one or to choose a variety of OLM files to be converted into PST file.
  2. To ensure you are happy with your mailbox items you can view them prior to the conversion. Then, click File (MS Outlook)on the right side.
  3. Then, choose the Output Type for the PST format (MS Outlook) and click Next to continue your conversion.
  4. Opt to use smart filters in case you need to save particular items. This is a filter that is optional. You can, however, leave this step out.
  5. Save the transformed PST file in multiple PST file in case you notice that it’s very big. In other cases, you can select the Don’t split the your file, choice to copy all data into a single PST file.
  6. Then, choose the location to save the file by using by clicking the Browse button and then click Close.

Section 3 Import PST files into Windows Outlook

  1. Start MS Outlook and select File.
  2. Choose Open & Export Import/Export.
  3. In the wizard for Import and Export Choose Import data from another program or the file, then click Next.
  4. Select Outlook Data File (.pst) and click Next.
  5. Choose the file you want to import by clicking the Browse button. Under Options, select the option that is appropriate and then click the Next button..
  6. Then, select Import Items to the folder currently in use and then click Close.

Section 4: Access OLM information within Outlook by using the IMAP email server

There’s a different way to access OLM files with data using the identical IMAP Server configuration in Outlook for Mac and Microsoft Outlook. In this case, we assume that the Gmail account is already set up inside Outlook for Mac and that it is assumed that the OLM data is synchronized with its IMAP server. OLM data has been copied or exported onto it’s IMAP account folder too.

Notification: It is a essential to turn on IMAP access settings within your IMAP Server account (Gmail) prior to enabling configuration using Outlook to Mac and Microsoft Outlook. In order to enable IMAP Server configuration with Outlook for Mac There is the need to make an entirely Gmail Label.

Follow the steps below to gain a better understanding of the process

  1. Open Outlook 2016 on your Windows system.
  2. Set up the identical IMAP mail account (Gmail) to MS Outlook using Account Settings.
  3. After establishing the account, move Outlook in order to transfer Mac files to your IMAP mailbox using the Copy & Move or Drag and Drop action.
  4. Once the OLM data file has been transferred into your IMAP account it will appear in Outlook.

This is the most straightforward method to access OLM information using MS Outlook 2016 for Windows(export mac outlook emails to PST file).
The manual methods are lengthy and require lots of configurations, and may not be efficient at all times. Make a smart selection from the two ways to access OLM data within Microsoft Outlook.


The entire process of importing Outlook to Mac OLM emails to Outlook 2016, 2019, and 2016, PST files is described in detail. Follow the steps to transfer contacts, emails, and calendars and other data from Outlook on Mac in Windows Outlook. You can also take a an overview of the steps required to export OLM in Office 365 Manually.

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