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Neurofeedback therapy is the training of the brain. It allows the brain to learn and function itself efficiently and effectively. The training which is given to the brain is based on electrical brain activity. In other words, it allows the brain to respond more efficiently in behavioral and emotional situations. Its job Is to function directly with the brain and allow the brain to behave more efficiently as compared to medication. It gives a long-term behavioral change to the brain. It has been develope to cure brain issues. In Nashville neurofeedback therapy is also been in practice since people are getting affect by various mental disorders.

Since nowadays mental disorders among men, women, and kids are getting increase day by day. Therefore the need for neurofeedback therapy is also getting increase. People should be aware of this therapy and also should get training in neurofeedback therapy to serve others. Here the person is just getting specialize in learning to control the brain events through sensory feedback. This process begins with the placing of electrodes on the scalp or head of a patient. However, it does not cause any harm to the human body but has some minor side effects.

Treating over-arousal and under-arousal behavior

Treatment for over-arousal means when the brain will behave in such a way as hyperactivity, busy with competing thoughts, fidgety, impulsive, impatient, risk seeker, aggressive, difficulty in facing sleep, and much more, etc. Similarly, treatment for under arousal means when the brain behaves in such a way as an attentive, depression, lack of motivation, lethargy, low self-esteem, poor concentration, etc. Here the goal to treat the patients under arousal is to reduce the level of theta waves.

What are the output results of the neurofeedback therapy?

However, it has been experienced by multiple people and according to them, it’s a pleasurable and fun-seeking experience. It does not cause any pain or physical harm to the body. Neurofeedback therapy also does not involve any pharmaceutical procedures. But it has been also experienced that everyone is not giving the same feedback and reactions. Therefore it is important to get feedback from the patients in the first few sessions. And if there will be no change being noticed in the first few sessions. Then it is a smart decision to discontinue it.

What are the changes to be observed after the therapy?

The changes that should be notice to make Neurofeedback therapy continue or discontinue include clarity of thinking. mood changes. level of alertness. state of relaxation of mind and any physical or mental discomfort both. Feeling of tension and stress. etc.

Moreover, in some cases sensitive people. it has been also observed that an individual becomes over-aroused if he is a patient of under aroused and on the other vice versa. further, if a patient is facing any other changes in moods then he should quickly tell to his therapist. In this way, any final decision or precautions should be made quickly.

Does neurofeedback therapy help ADHD patients?

ADHD is an attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. It affects impulse control, learning, attention, and other activity levels. It is also found in children and adults both. But there are some kinds of mixed feedback have been collect. It may be effective for some people and in some cases, it may be time and money wastage. As neurofeedback therapy is non-invasive so it does not offer any medication. For children, it offers psychotherapy and lifestyle changes. But at some level, it has been observed that it does not work for everyone.

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