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Troubleshoot Canon Printer Unresponsive Screen 


Canon printer screen plays an important role while performing any task, and if you find your printer screen unresponsive or blank, it may create issues in daily printing and scanning works. There can be a few causes for the unresponsive screen, including USB connections, faulty wire, and outdated Firmware. You’ve to check the cause yourself first, then fix the blank or unresponsive display.

Find the cause –

  • Faulty cable, incorrectly fit cables.
  • USB cable is creating an issue.
  • The power cord isn’t connected.
  • The printer is in screen-saver mode.
  • Ensure the problem isn’t in the router, modem, or other network devices.
  • If everything is perfect, then it’s a software and firmware issue causing the problem in the Canon printer screen and troubling opening or responding.

Possible Fixes –

  1. Check the cable first. If it’s faulty or not connected properly, then reconnect the cable. The printer and compute ports should seat the cable correctly.  
  2. Faulty wires need to be changed.
  3. Turn off the screen-saver mode.
  4. Use a hub to connect the Canon machine and your computer device.
  5. Ensure the problem isn’t in the router, modem, or other network devices.
  6. Update printer driver and Firmware.
  7. Run the printer troubleshooter

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Workable Solutions to Make Printer Screen Responsive

Fix 1 – Restart Your Canon printer model

Just by restarting the Canon machine, the issue may be resolved. I’ve tried this a lot of times to sort out many of the issues on screen. It’s a simple and workable solution as restarting from initial points fixes problems in a device.

Fix 2 – Reconnect the power cord

When we think about the big cause, we should also look for small reasons that possibly create a major issue. Like every nut has a very important role in a machine, cable connections are similarly necessary for Canon printers. Therefore, check the power cord connection first. Take out the power cord from the wall outlet and printer for 30 seconds. Then plug it in again and turn on the machine.

Fix 3 – Change Cables

The faulty cables don’t respond to any of the devices. Connect another cable to connect your Canon printer, and if the menu appears on the printer screen, it was an occurring cable problem. If changing wire didn’t stir anything in the display, then the previous cable is working well, and there’s another reason for the blank screen.

Fix 4 – Turn off the screen-saver mode

Canon printer’s screen saver or energy saver mode is a saving mode feature. When the Canon printer doesn’t find any activity, it sleeps itself. In activated screen-saver mode, you need to tap on the touch screen and light up the screen. To turn off the screen saver mode, simply press Preferences > timer setting > Energy Saver option, and it’ll turn off automatically.    

Fix 5 – Update the Firmware

Before updating the Firmware, ensure your computer has the correct printer drivers already installed. If not, insert shipped CDs or download drivers from the Canon support site. Then, update your Canon printer model using the below instructions;

  • Go Canon support site.
  • Enter your Canon printer model.
  • Open drivers & downloads.
  • Click on the Firmware and choose the compatible file.
  • Select the OS – windows or mac.
  • Accept the agreement and click Download.
  • Start the installation.
  • Restart your Canon printer model.
  • Plugin the USB cable into the PC and printer.
  • Double-click on Printer Utility and hit next.
  • Click Start and wait for Firmware update.
  • Now, disconnect the power cord and reconnect to turn on the Canon printer.

Check whether your Canon printer screen works now or not. If your printer screen has no light or displays anything but its performing print function, then your printer requires service.  


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