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TrueBalance – Instant Personal Loan App for Salaried Professionals.

It’s not necessary that people can fulfil all their desires within their monthly salary bracket. So can you skip on those things that you desire from your heart? It can be anything. A smartphone you have been eyeing for a long time, an expensive electronic appliance for your abode or even a new addition to your home decor, an instant personal loan can help you with anything in your tough times. 

When short of funds, a person is usually left with two options. Either ask for a helping hand from your close ones or get an instant personal loan from any application. I think it’s best to go for an instant loan and avoid asking for money from anyone. Last month, due to the pollution which led to severe air quality in my city, I thought of going for an air purifier for my home. Now, everyone knows that this appliance is a pricy one! Being a young salaried professional, it is tough for me to spend extra money on extra things. 

One of my friends, who considers himself a tech geek, told me about TrueBalance, an instant personal loan app he explored on the Play Store. He convinced me that this application helped him during his room renovation as he went short of funds. So, trusting him, I also downloaded this application and started exploring it.

What is a personal loan?

Before diving into how I used a personal loan app, we need to know what a personal loan is. As the name suggests, this type of loan can be used for any of your personal needs. It is an unsecured loan type with minimum documentation and no collateral. Whenever you go for such loans, you are free to do whatever you want with the loan amount. A personal loan does not require security, and the concerned authorities only check your credit score, credit history, and income while approving/rejecting the application. 

How TrueBalance Works?

Below mentioned is an example of how to take a personal loan instantly with your smartphone – 

  1. Download the TrueBalance application. 
  2. Register with your Aadhaar linked mobile number.
  3. Select the type of loan you want. 
  4. Choose the amount and EMI tenure.
  5. Select what the purpose of the loan is.
  6. Fill in all the personal details.
  7. Wait for the loan application to get approved.
  8. After approval, the amount will be credited to your account.
  9. Spend wisely and chalk out the plan to repay!

Going for a personal loan is easy, but chalking out a plan to repay it is challenging. When I opted for a loan on this loan app, I made sure to go for the amount I could repay. I don’t want to disclose the amount, but one thing I want to share is that I made sure to jot down a proper plan on how to repay it because I didn’t want my credit score to be badly affected. As it was disbursed within a few minutes, I ordered my Air Purifier the same day as it was already saved in my cart. 

Further, what I have experienced is that this loan app is safe and reliable to use. However, even though online loan apps have many perks in the current digital era, they also come with some cons. For example, many online fraudsters tend to loot people with their various tricks, but you can avoid them by being an informed citizen. So, make sure you make the right choice while choosing an instant personal loan app for your upcoming financial need. 

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